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Tax Masters, Inc. TMIRS Enterprises., Ltd dba Tax Masters / Fraud, Dis-honesty, Abuse to the aged/disabled, Truth in Advertising -Fraud, Contract Fraud, + + +

1 900 Town and Country Lane #400Houston, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 2814975937

My name is Steph. I am filing a complaint with AG of Tx, Federal Trade Com, BBB and anyone else who will listen and/or help. on behalf of my aged/disabled mother with alzheimers, BW.
I can assure you the poor reviews that TaxMasters refers to as competitors placing a target on their back because of their great success is completely wrong!!
Just about every report, complaint, review I have read sound exactly what happened to my mother! Or as my mother has most fittingly RE-named them Tax[censored]!!
I recommend telling the American, Texas public about what TM is lest they take your mother/father etc to the cleaners as well!!
Mrs. W contacted TM in early Dec., they drained her savings account in Dec, then they took $325 of the total of $771 social security that Mrs. BW receives monthly. They took this $325 on Jan 3rd 2010 and Feb 3rd of 2010, they said they would be able to keep her from having to pay ANY monies what-so-ever to the IRS, they said they would absolutely keep her accounts from being frozen by the IRS
(her accounts were consequently frozen in Sept. 14th as of Sept 30th she had yet to receive any of the paperwork she had paid TM to file. They would not return her calls and IF she was luck enough to talk to someone they broke her down into tears!! Telling 1 man "Charles, " Short of committing suicide she didn't know what to do!! TM said they could NOT release her taxes unless she paid additional funds of $500 for which she did not and does not have -they took all of her savings to begin with)
I got involved in early Oct. I got them to release the files to which we took to the IRS and the IRS said that the taxes were done incorrectly and that they couldn't accept them the way they were - they recommended us get someone else to look over the paperwork.
Upon looking into it further TM had 2006 (the ONLY year the IRS was concerned with and the ONLY year Mrs. BW had asked for help from TM concerning) was incorrect saying she owed $4220. It cited she had Capital gains and business taxes owed which she DID NOT.
Then we found out the 2007 had been previously filed (-TM had told her she would be penalized further if they only helped her with the 2006 that they would need to do the 2007, 08, 09 additionally. Also when she started calling to get the returns back in June she had been told that if they now didn't file the 2001-05 taxes at a reduced price $200ea year. that the IRS would not even accept the 2006-09 years. So they told her to go any further with her case they needed the additional costs of $500 paid and $1200 to file 2001-05)
When I took care of all of this directly at the IRS offices (she didn't call the IRS or go directly to them for fear she would be thrown in jail) the IRS agent said they were only concerned with the 2006... and that 2007 had been filed in 2008 by Mrs BW herself and that TM had filed an extension for 2009.
It took all of an hour to completely resolve these issues with the IRS- [protected].
TaxMasters = Tax[censored] took advantage of my mother, her age, her health conditions and mental capabilities.
YES! She learned a lesson!! However, how many other aged, disabled and mentally handicapped people will be abused by the Tax ### = ( Tax Masters )

PS: Tax[censored] contract states...that all fees are due to the Firm without regard to the success or failure of the services rendered. !! Sound like an honest company to you!?!?! My aged/disabled mother with alzhiemers was told by another aged friend that if a person receives less than $10, 000 per year it is not important to file taxes. Obviously not 100% true, however, upon working with the IRS they pretty much said don't worry about any year other than 2006 (my mother had recvd $35k inheritance in 2006, this is what Tax ### had listed as Capital Gains and business income?!) Tax Masters, Inc, TMIRS Enterprises Ltd., dba TaxMasters, Patrick Cox, the VP E. Dewayne Logan, Fred Hackett and all employees suck!!

I am and will continue to be Tax ### worst nightmare!!

Tax ### are America's biggest terrorists!!

Tax Masters, Inc. TMIRS Enterprises., Ltd dba Tax Masters

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