Spoontaters Mastiff BreederUnhealthy breeding practices

I, along with a friend, purchased two mastiff puppies from Sydney Kuhn approximately three years ago. After just two years it was found that BOTH puppies would need knee surgery and are expected to also need hip surgery in the near future. These surgeries will cost no less than $15, 000. One of the puppies has gone through two knee surgeries within a year to allow him to walk. The other will be put down this summer due to the extent of the damage.

Sydney Kuhn, the owner and irresposible breeder of Spoontaters, failed to respond to me when asking about her policy for covering at least a portion of the cost of surgery.

I later found out she had to put the mom of the puppies down due to behavioral issues (one of the puppies purchased has been in more than one fight and has clearly gotten his mom's behavior issues) and Sydney continues to breed the dad and his offspring that are carrying the terrible structural genetics. Additionally, it was found that there are several additional backyard breeders in Colorado that are breeding puppies they purchased from Sydney.

Additionally, Sydney keeps multiple dogs in outdoor fenced areas without access to shade or shelter during hot or cold Colorado days. It's completely inhumane.

Do not purchase from Spoontaters unless you are prepared to spend thousands to reconstruct your dog or are okay with killing your beloved family member at a very young age. Do not support breeders like this, I wish so badly I had been better informed at the time I purchased from Spoontaters.

May 08, 2017

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