This company has been selected by the Elizabeth NJ Board of Ed to supply uniforms for our children. I purchased my order from their website approx a month ago. I have yet to receive my daughter's uniforms. When you call their number you can only reach a recorded message stating if you are calling about Elizabeth school system uniforms to call your Principle. ???? Why should I call the Principle of my child's school for a PERSONAL order that I PAID for with MY MONEY???? I continuously called several times per day for two weeks and kept getting the same message. I started pushing buttons on my phone that they didn't offer on the prompts and low and behold a got a live person. She immediately tried to rush me off the phone by asking for my name and telling me she would have someone look into it and call me back...UNACCEPTABLE. I want to speak to a manager NOW!!! Needless to say I was on hold for 30 mins and then hung up on. I called right back and she picked up the phone and hung it up in my ear. This company and its employees are UNPROFESSIONAL, NEGLIGENT, RUDE and downright CARELESS. I continued to keep calling back (using different phones because they have caller id) and when the same woman picked up again she said WHO IS THIS (MY NAME)??? YOU AGAIN??? HOW DARE SHE!!! She placed me on hold again without even acknowledging the fact that she hung up on me. Someone who's name is supposedly Steven gets on the phone and tells me that my order has been packed and may have been shipped out already...???? Are you serious?? You never even asked for my Order Number. How could you possibly know this??? No tracking number could be provided.

I am praying that Eliz Board of Ed finds another company to accomodate our children's uniform needs because if not there will be a lot of children coming to school in regular clothes.

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