Pet Save / Person, the director

1 Sudbury, ON, Canada

I am writing this in the hopes that someone else won't go through the heartache that we went through. We were in process of adopting a mom and one of her pups, well the phone call finally came from a week and a half of trying to get a hold of jill pessott. The whole conversation was about her belittling my husband, she was telling us how to raise our dogs and what and when to feed them. When the topic of the puppy came up she asked who was going to be home all day with it, and husband says we crate train, well that was it, she flew off the handle and said she is nixing the adoption of the puppy. Both my shepherd and rottie were crate trained from 8 weeks without an issue. Where does she think animals in the wild sleep? They find a den they don't sleep in an open field, the den is their safety. It is pretty sad when animals are smarter than humans. It is none of her business how people raise their pets. Point is they are adopting to give them a new life and loving home. I guess she don't want that. My dogs are my babies, not my pets or animals. The two that we were going to get would have had the best home they could have ever had. Petsave left a severly bad taste in our mouths, i decided to read the reviews on google about them and nothing but bad. Horrible experiences because of one person, jill pessott.

May 1, 2017

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