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Paid pathways £1730 on 16 Nov by credit card but told them the next day to cancel the transaction and they said they couldn't. I told them I would report them to the dispute team at my credit card company and they said to go ahead. They then said once I received all the documents that I could return them for a full refund. They said the course for taking a class 1 was £1099 and a guarantee protection pass would cost £299. Not only did they debit our card for £1132 they also took the £299 twice. I noticed this when I checked my credit card online and also there were other transactions on the card for a limosine company in London for £450, 2 transactions in Birmingham, Ibis Hotel and PAC 3000 Ltd and also in Cheshire, all of which were showing on our credit card. Documents arrived, I sent them back the same day registered and found out the following week that they had been signed for by some foreigner. It was a Samuel Johnson who took my credit card details over the phone but the next day when my wife phoned them, she asked to speak to him and was told by a Syd that Samuel was in hospital. (how convenient) more like out spending on our credit card. At the moment, the credit card company have frozen our account and obviously our cards have been destroyed and we are still waiting to hear the outcome if any while the fraud team and the dispute team investigate.


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