NLSrental / credit card machine

A Nov 29, 2017


Our Company "Comicage Entertainment" leased a credit card machine with "NLS".

We got another provider after 3 months and wanted to cancel, but they told me the contract ends in 2 years and we are obliged to commit to the 2 years contract.

We were payment monthly by credit card over the phone and we notified them by phone that we wanted to cancel / not renew the contract when it expires.

So we made our final payment by phone in June 2017 and the agent told us that this is our last payment.

2 months later, they called us to ask us to return the machine, we had completely forgotten about the machine since we were not using it for 2 years.

We shipped the machine back to them in August 2017 after they called us to return it to a specific address !

They call us back 2 weeks later and wanted payment for the 2 months after the contract expired claiming that we kept the machine, but they never asked us when they notified us of the last payment and we never received a return address .

We told that them that they had to advice us where to ship it for the return,

Nevertheless, they continue harassing us for payments and continue billing us for a contract that we cancelled and a machine that is not in our possession.

They are now saying they will report us to all major credit and take legal action against us

I cancel the rental agreement and they continue billing me...big scam

please advise us

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