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Ordered plant with the basic shipping method through USPS that they offered for LIVE plants. Very early in the morning the next day, a representative tells me that she will ship the plant with the shipping I selected but it is probably going to arrive dead. Why would they offer that method of shipping for LIVE plants if they know it is very likely they are going to die anyway? I immediately returned her email that morning requesting a refund and to cancel the order all together. The next day she then tells me that the order "already went out" (that morning) and it's too late to cancel my order but they did not give me any time to respond to her warning that it would die (which any logical person would then cancel the order). Come to find out my order was not shipped at the time they claim. Number one, the postmark on the package and number two, their shipping notification email did not go out to me until around 3pm. There was no tracking info provided but they did not provide this to me. The plant arrived our was already shipped dead. It is in really bad shape and it looks like it was cut up pretty bad before being sent. Poorly packaged just thrown in a box. Once she told me it would likely die with that shipping method, they gave me NO time to respond. Any sane person would cancel and not waste the money. I question the ethical practices of this business for telling a customer that the plant will arrive dead, then give them no time to respond, and ship it with that method anyway knowing it will arrive dead after they have warned the customer with no time to respond!!!


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