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Green Dot / my wallet had got stolen

Green Dot prepaid card on Jan 18, 2018
I have 2 charges that I never authorized any of these transactions on my card I want my money returned to me immediately one was for a hundred or excuse me one was 489 and some change the other line was 455 something when was for iCare Solutions and 0ne was for I'm not sure what the...

Green Dot / Green dot card

Lisandra rodriguez on Jan 12, 2018
I purchased a green dot card added money to my card used it about 2 times and then when i try to use it again i find out i have a block on my card. So i go and submit my i.d and im being told my i.d wasnt accepted. I just want my money thats left on my card. I will never use green dot ever...

Green Dot Moneypak / moneypak refund

Rochelle Morton on Jan 10, 2018
I purchase a green dot moneypak card April 2017 and it was not able to be used on the prepaid I had and was trying to load money on. I submitted a refund request and was told I would get a refund check in 4-6 weeks I never got the refund. I call customer service and they say money pak i...

Green Dot / green dot visa card

RachelBolen on Jan 5, 2018
I alerted the company about two fraudulent charges from the same company on 12/30/17. Since then, they have closed my card, issued a new one, and blocked the new card. I have sent all of the information, INCLUDING an admission in writing from the company that placed the charges on my card...

Green Dot / green dot blocked my card and unable to get my money left on my card

micheleaugustine on Jan 4, 2018
On December 28th my card was blocked when I called to see why they said there was unusual activity on my card, and for my protection it was blocked. I tried to submit a picture of my drivers license, my phone does not take good pictures and it was not accepted by your company. And now...

Green Dot / green dot debit

18pbrown on Jan 3, 2018
It's 27 degree's to night I bought the card 2 put money on my electric. But after buying it I could not even use the card. I have a minor child in my home. I think it is unacceptable to get someone's money an they can't even use the card for The reason they purchased it. The lady was no...

Green Dot / prepaid visa card

Vincent Neumeier on Dec 27, 2017
I am giving the card as an anonymous gift to a niece traveling to Europe this summer. I purchased the card today at Wal-Mart. I asked for, and it was verified, a rep in the store customer service department told me the card is good internationally, and the rep verified this with the store...

Green Dot / green dot prepaid card

Kevindale on Dec 22, 2017
My name is kevin brossman and my account was recently closed due to "fraud". I have a total of $740.10 on my account that has been closed that I cannot retrieve just before christmas, and would like to know what type of fraudulent activity could possibly have happened on my card seeing...

Green Dot / restricted my account

Xavires Peterson on Dec 16, 2017
On 12/15/2017 I returned an IPhone that I purchased at the Apple store.The issue I had was that the original credit card I used to make the purchase was no longer available to credit my money back.Normally they would have sent me a check in the mail, but for some reason that option wasn't...

Green Dot / online purchases

steveoct75 on Dec 12, 2017
I bought the card so I could buy my wifes Christmas gifts. it was declined everywhere. I called and l cannot use the card except for in person. the whole point of getting this card was to purchase online items for a surprise. you cannot use online why say you can use for online purchase...

[Resolved] Green Dot / someone lied about fraudulent charges

Cfunknown on Dec 9, 2017
Hi my name is Crystal faulkner. I have a complaint against Karen Jean Gaddis. On Sept 1, 2017 Karen Jean Gaddis used her card in the amount 0f $120 to pay her half of the power bill at 1524 Forest Dr Columbus Georgia. In the hone we had leased together. I have proof of her residing in the...

Green Dot Corporation / moneypak

Debra Matthews on Dec 8, 2017
After filing a grievance with the BBB, the Green Dot Corporation sent me an email from their ccescalations email (c3@greendotcorp.com). We talked and the lady on the line gave me 6 case numbers and said that I could call back and get an update on my case. I bought $300 worth of money pak...

Green Dot Moneypak / loading funds

Donald Goodin on Dec 8, 2017
I have been trying for 3 Days to put money on my account now card using a MoneyPak account now tells me I have a $1, 500 limit a month which I have not exceeded nowhere on the Moneypak card does it say I can only load a thousand a month on it I got this MoneyPak $500 that I want load it I...

Green Dot / very bad customer service mad angry customer

Meshia miles on Dec 4, 2017
Yes I really need to talk to someone about a customer compliant I've been trying to see why is that I've been using my card since Sept in Nov 18 I added money to my card and they took the 7.95 on the 18th of November and I added money again Dec 2 ND and they took another 7.95 and it...

Greendot / locked account

Thumb27 on Nov 29, 2017
My name's Tiffany and I have a few things to say, I started with a temporary card to pay a bill. The first time was fine no problem. Well next time I go to pay my bill I had went and put money on the card, get home and tried to pay my bill it declines it. Well I end up checking my...

Green Dot / prepaid debit card

Fucgreedot on Nov 28, 2017
How in the hell do you greedy [censor] [censor] charge $1.50 for every transaction I make with the card I purchased which your greed filled company already charges me a monthly fee? You are clearly robbing the people who made your company what the [censor] it is today!! And trying to get...

Green Dot / house number 2225

Reliable Maintenance on Nov 27, 2017
Hello.my name is Harry Mercer i m having problem with my address and i want my address to be edited from Raven Drive mercer to 2225 Raven Drive i forgot to add my house address. Thanks for your understanding HM The address was suppose to have house number 2225 but i was surprise the house...

Green Dot Moneypak / money pak

Tracie Sims on Nov 25, 2017
On November 24th my husband and I went to the local mall shopping .Our son was home but leaving for work so I recalled having a green dot card in my purse. Shortly after, we waited to see if the money was on our green dot card of which it wasn't. My hubbys first response was to call...

Green Dot / prepaid debit card

Tom Swinburn on Nov 24, 2017
Got prepaid debit card with $500.00 from Walmart. 10-17-2017. Tried to register card by phone. Machine misread my name and cancelled everything, with no options. I cannot access MY MONEY. No one available by phone. They said good at point of sale. NO. Gets denied. I want my money back NOW...

Green Dot / unable to activate card

Lucille nardone urrutia on Nov 23, 2017
I purchased a green dot with $250.00 at a rite aid store located on ichmond ave in staten island N.Y. last friday the the 17th of November. I am beyond aggrevated as i can not activate this card. I tried on line numerous times. Response is and has been sorry please try again later..green...

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