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Monthly social security payment

They're telling me there is a block on my card I've tried calling and calling I understand about the...

Green dot direct deposit cancellation

My card has been locked for 20 days and then closed.
I have not been able to communicate in phone . Website thru my app or by text for all that time as well . Now my direct deposit is missing too. I got to social security updated my routing and bank accounts with them as I was told to do thru a notice on my app.

What else can I do... I'm lost. Broke and my funds are in by the 26th. It's the 2nd and my $30 hasn't been able to be used in any way. My account is locked . Yet I can move it in and out of vault

Card locked

I want to know why my wife's card is blocked. She is trying to pay our rent but cannot because her card is suspended and now no deposits will go through. There is nothing wrong with the card and we need to have this done ASAP.

Account locked

My account was locked over a week ago when I disputed a transaction and I have yet to get them to unlock my account the money is there it's just locked
Case number is [protected]... I have emailed green dot I have sent in my id to verify and my account is locked I can't send money I can't pay bills ... this should've been resolved I have a lot of money about to be received on my green dot card I need it fixed ASAP

Customer service has been giving partial instructions. Not getting me my money!

Had people help me do my taxes I'm young and never done them before. Long story short they tried to take the money when it came on the account. They had the login and the email given is hers. I had the account closed out. So they couldn't fraud it any further and the card had to be turned off as precaution as well. I still have the card. The account is still inactive. The card came in end of October/ beginning of November 2019. So sense then; cause shortly after getting and activating the card I reported the fraud. I've been contacting customer support and have been mislead and misdirected by them, on how I'm going to get my money. The money I never touched has NOT been refunded to me. And I STILL have NOT been sent a check. Or had the card turned back on and the money put on that. Which I was told is the other option. I want my money! I'm going to lose my home cause that was going to be my rent money. My car is wrecked cause my tax money never came and that was my money to get new tires. I will never give my time or do my tax's with this company/site ever again. And if this is not corrected! And FAST. I will refer all my family and friends to do the same and will make calls to have this tax operation looked into by IRS and tax administration.

My card is locked

My card is blocked i need it unblocked now i tried calling and cant get thru i don't appreciate and im not letting y'all take my money I've dealt with green dot for years and have never had this problem unlock my card! Or return my money im not about to let y'all company or cooperation scam me for what is mines... With this covid19 going on i need

My card is locked

card block is on my card can not do anything

Green dot you have dropped the ball on this because of a virus this is not good for a bank closing your doors and no customer support

Greendot prepaid — Technical errors!

Been a month and I still cannot register my card!!! Poor poor service

Prepaid debit card blocked — Debit card blocked and no access to customer service

I have near 5000.00 on my card but for some reason it's been blocked and I cannot get through to customer service. My family of 7 are in a hotel and we're supposed to move into a new home but I have no way of accessing any of my funds . We have less than a week left at the hotel and then I don't know what we are going to do next.. I am starting to get very upset and worried.

Customer Service — Unauthorized Charge

I had my card number used online. They said my dispute would take 10 days. On the 11th day I explained that I never got my provisional credit and electricity would be off without my money. I also explained that that would be dangerous to me because my 2 year old has heart issues and is already currently Ill. The customer service lady told me to let her go to a hotel during this time. And was very sarcastic and didn't care. She said a provisional credit isn't owed to me... it's only optional. And just sit and wait for an email on the decision. Now on day 12... No contact. I'm currently looking for a lawyer to file suit. I have the conversation recorded. My email is [protected]

intuit turbo card

Back in december of 2019 I called and reported my card stolen and had a new card sent so I thought.. Called two weeks later to find out what's going on and green dot claims they haven't received anything about my card that was reported and then they blocked my account, holding reliable for fraudulent charges on the account but yet still sending me cards!!! And then they continued to block all other cards including my income tax refund in february 2020. I was told repeatedly that was going to be sent back to get in paper check form but they lied to me over and over.. Not only did they keep my money for account that was perfectly fine but i've sent all documents more then once and still give me the run around and waiting game! I shouldn't I fight for my tax refund that shouldn't have been taken and kept to began with! I have kids and I take care of my elderly grandfather that relies on me with my income. My kids too. My bills are due and I can't pay for anything... Im tired and fed the [censored] up with that no english speaking company!!! I have contacted a lawyer that is willing to tak my case for free till they win! No one should ever have to deal with this nightmare over money they worked hard for.. I want my goddamn money greeen [censored] you dot

Money on card that was locked

There is money on my card that ended up locked and I have sent everything that was asked for to get a paper check mailed and now can't get no response from no-one other than need to send the documents i've already sent. Been dealing with this for 4 months and i've had it!!! I want my money and I want it now!!! I am going to turn green dot into the better business bureau as well as anywhere else including contacting the attornwy generals office

money card

If I don't get my $89 refund that I deposited but was never posted (I have proof of my receipt) today Monday 2/24/2020.

I am filing a lawsuit plus damages against green dot. I am in between work and could not use my car due to my not able to pay car insurance due to this MESS !!!

I am tired of excuses, apologies and case numbers but my money was never returned.

Your employees are a BUNCH OF IDIOTS THAT CANNOT EVEN IDENTIFY a Walmart receipt !!!

Refund me today or I'll see you in court when they generate a summons to your company. You think I'm bluffing? TRY ME!

Gary Palaypay


money pack

today is 2/12/20 I spoke to greendot headquarters about 3w ago they stated that if the person who filed claim didn't send in required pictures they would release my account to remove what ever money I have on it . And now they tell me I need to get a hold of the person and tell them to call them a headquarters.. when they have the person's name address phone number and email. How am I suppose to do this when they give me no information about the person. I want my money and close thus account green dot are thieves.


I had 2 moneypak cards try to load them they wouldn't load they sent me a nasty letter and I called and they said email a picture of the card and receipt and I did they they said suspicious activity then they said don't ever use their product. Then they said that they'll decide If I receive a refund. And I never heard from them. Again And didn't get a refund. It was a total of $275 I think is unfair. For them to be able just to take our money. Without consequences I purchased. Their product and it didn't work. And they should refund my money.

walmart money card

This is such a scam! We bought this card for my 97 year old grandmother for Christmas. Obviously, she was not able to use it! On the customer service line they told me they needed a copy of the front and back of my Drivers License, my social security number and a copy of my lease/utility bills. How ridiculous? Why would I provide complete strangers with all this information for a lousy gift card.

SCAM SCAM SCAM… I hope you feel good about taking money away from a 97 year old woman.

1500.00 dollars never went back into my green dot account

My refund of $ 1500.00 dollars from a paypal account never made it back into my green dot account and paypal shows it was a successful refund and complete...where is my money it was suppose to be refunded to original source it came from which was my intuit turbo visa green dot dot says they never received this money refund from paypal ..PayPal shows it being refunded to [protected] WHERE IS MY MONEY

greendot card

My name is Lavonya Ogunwale, I have recently opened up a greendot account. It's been about a month and ever since I've had the card I've been able to put money in but not able to get any money out. All the cards you guys are sending me won't work. The customer service reps are no help and are very rude. I have over $1, ooo my bills are overdue. I've had to borrow money to get back and forth to work. I've attempted to register the personalized cards sent out to no avail. I've been promised call backs and I'm at the point of seeking legal counsel. MY contact is [protected] and my address is 111 Liberty Rd Federalsburg MD 21632

green dot mastercard

I loaded 450 on my green dot personalized card which I thought was already activated. When I realized after loading it that it wasn't activated I went to do so only to be told the birthday was entered wrong and I could not activate my card or access my money. I'm so angry that won't let my verify my identity any way. I have offered to send picture id for 3 days I have called asking for a supervisor to call me back and only get the run around

card on block wont let me use it

This Gloria Moore my card info [protected] exp.10/23 security code 666 ssn.[protected] phone [protected] .I'm having problems using my card due to block on my card I can't use it anywhere customer service said they were going to send a code to my phone but I never get the codes to activate and unblock I need my money off the card right away it been on block 25 and the other one on the 30th

walmart money card

Keep charging me monthly fee when they shouldn't be. $500 plus in monthly deposits or direct deposit is supposed to waive the monthly fee, but they often charge it anyway. Excuses used when calling customer service is there isn't a deposit of $500 plus one time, or it has to be $1000 not $500. Customer service is terrible and there is no one to talk to who will follow the terms of my card and give me the monthly fee back. Dishonest business practices. Poor customer service.

I did not mean to get this card I need my money back!

I need my money back all 40 y'all took 10 from me and I need a full refund how do I do so? I only purchased it to send money to someone and the lady at the store did not know what she was talking about or misunderstood me and now y'all took $10 off my card and I need a refund ASAP I have my receipt It's not OK that I had to activate the card just to speak to somebodyI am very upset and could not understand a word the representative was saying to me please help

can't get in my online account

I forgot my password and don't have the same phone number or email because I lost my phone and Cant rember my email account password How can I get back into it so I can claim my yearly rewards. Can someone please help me out. I've called the number on my card and Cant get any where with them because either I can't understand them or they Cant me! Please help me out!

monetary account handling

Where do I start? This sorry excuse for a bank is causing me, a single mom, to lose my house, car, food, medication and clothes. They are holding onto my direct deposits in order to use the money to invest it, without my permission. While they are misappropriating my personal SSA income, me and my child are cold and starving. I have called and submitted online chats to only be given the run around. I have filed a complaint with the FDIC and greendot themselves, but this will not feed my family or put shelter over our heads.
Greendot is misappropriating my funds to earn interest with out my permission, and until today, my knowledge. I know I am not the only person they are doing this to.

my money on my expired card and how to get on a new card

Hello my name is lakesha and I have a account with green dot. My card expired and I have money on my card I'm trying to get off and customer service is very rude. One lady tell me they send my new card back then another person tell me they can't send me a card nor can they send me my money. I give them my information then they tell me it's all wrong I can't get on the app nor can I make account online because the card is expired and they information they have in computer is wrong. Sometimes it's right when I call then when send me to another caller the information wrong. I just need to no how I can get my money off my old account and into my new account or a check send to my house.

replacement card

I ordered a replacement card on the 7th. Got told 3 different dates on when I would receive the new card. The 18th, today and when I just got off the phone with them they said the 31st!!! So they just holding my money hostage. There is "nothing they can do" and dnt even ask for a supervisor cuz tht mother [censored]er dnt get off the fone gone have to call you back 4 hrs later.

my walmart card I just bought and it was not the right card in my card package at walmart

I have my receipt that I have paid a hundred and eighty five dollars to go on the card my name is Gregory Gowan my phone number to reach me a [protected] I called yaw website you guys gave me this pin key number [protected] my last four digits of my social security number is 5493 I have been calling and calling u guys the same answer to send those pics so here they are call me or whatever you guys need to do I need my money back.

my walmart card I just bought and it was not the right card in my card package at walmart

debit card

My card was blocked 3 days ago. They put someone else's money into my account, I informed them it was not my money and was told to send my ID and all would be resolved in a couple days, well today they told me that I need to send the ID of the persons whose money went into my account!! Really??? I have no clue who this person is and although I told the representative several times I cannot send them someone's ID that I do not know he continued to tell me that my account will not be unblocked until I sent it in. So theres a guy out there who doesn't have his money because they refuse to look into this. My social security was scheduled to be going into this account next month but thank God I got it cancelled at the last minute and will get a paper check. Can anyone help me? I dont want my name on this account with some random man's money in it and they will not close or unblock the account or try to find the owner of the money and we are talking over 2, 000.00. This has caused me so much mental stress, I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. Who regulates these places? Something has got to be done, they cant be allowed to get away with this.

walmart green dot bank

I've tried using my card at several stores and my card will not work. My card is in good standing and it won't let me swipe my card or get money off my card. I have a family and we have to eat and we have needs and this is such a convenience that I can't use my card or getting anyone to resolve this issue. I called to speak to a supervisor and I've been on hold currently for over thirty minutes and has been resolved and the supervisor is still not on the phone. I'm highly pissed the [censored] off and Ibwoukd like corporate to know

motel six

There is a charge of 45 dollars on September 27 2019 that i didnt authorize that i need to get back to get my heart medication this isn't the first time i have had a problem with charges on my account so im not sure if this is a reoccurring problem for a lot of people but this is becoming ridiculous and needs to be fixed asap as i need my medication or i will have to go to the hospital again

motel six

walmart green dot

I placed an order with a company the company cancelled the order! I have called over 10 times to get my money almost 300 dollars off hold they tell me in a month as 10/24/19 they will release my funds this should be a crime I contacting BBB and a attorney about this matter is horrible like people have money for a prepaid card company to hold for a month it ridiculous .No policy should be in pace the customer did a reversal and all still holding my funds like it's cool its really sad! I sueing. And customer service seem like nobody speak English well and they don't understand well.Their not helpful or know their jobs well with an English speaking communtity

company and customer service

I have been trying to activate my new Green Dot by phone and on line, they tell me by 5 digit Zip code which is 33404 is invalid I have been trying to do this Starting at 9:30 this morning 9/12/2019 it is now 4:14PM with no help from their customer service people they want me to wait 2to 5 business days to activate my card. I would not have this trouble if they had cards that did not fall apart, when I got my new card for this new season 7/2019, then last Sunday the new card fell apart, when I activated the other card(from)last month I had no problem activating it. when on line I keep getting an error message sorry internal error has happened.I am supposed to be a VIP member but feel like a big nobody. they keep on trying to get me to get an APP. but I nave no place on my cell phone to put it.

green dot

I have been going on with this july 2019 as my card expired and instead of a new card like should have been I have had two card to wrong address and one card sent that wasnt the card I needed it still had date of 2022 anyways should told someone right there that wasnt the card just by date, no sept 9th I get two cards for some reason and the one that had [social secerty money on it every month for the last few years by the way}and now I cant ativeate my new card so I can pay some things already been waiting I had this money aug 29th or 30th and sept 9th and now two more day to wait before I can even get to my social secerty money that shouldnt even be a problem when my card expired its date a new one should been sent right away but no it want not and got sent to wrong address twice not one but twice!!! And now I have the new card and cant ue it for to more day count this up july 31st my card date expired and today is sept 9th 2019 and my money to pay bills has been stuck if youwant call it that I couldnt get to it to pay bills I owed now I have late charges because of this too almost 100 worth late fees now and two more days. Nuts nuts!!! I have made well over 6 call started before my card even expired also mid july then I called again and again and a few more times after that this is my 2nd complant. I will not stay at this point I will find some other card this is cost me money at this point and not to have money to my son food he needs and stuff for school!!! And now I have to borrow some money for food and I will owe intrest so thanks for that one also!!! 8800 thomas drive panama city 32408 is my address and [protected] is my cell carrie mcalister 5-4-1977 is my dob.

green dot card

My social security was put on Green Dot on August 29th 2019. I tried activating my card but somehow it didn't transmit and my card was blocked. Since the block I have tried for 10 days, every day to get a live person in the U.S. who speaks English.
They number they give you on the back of the card goes into the Phillipines. and get this.. they are not open on Saturday and Sundays. even the 24 hour help. is not available on weekends. thats if you even get a customer service rep. when a regualr rep could not assist me in unblocking my card I ask to speak to a Supervisor but that always takes 24 hours for a person to call. That is if they even call you back!
I've tried going on chatt with green dot but same. the person can never help get my card unblocked and they say a supervisor will call me. no calls.
My money has been stuck for over 10 DAYS. IT'S TERRIBLE. really awful.
The owner of green dot is a man by the name of Steve Streit He is the owner of Green Dot corp. in Pasadena. I'd like to know if he every had money held for any length of time where he couldn't get it out? I've read horror stories of people who have had money held up for months and months. 8 months 9 months and so on.
this company has to be stopped.
I've read people saying to go to the FDIC They control all banking financial institutions. Yes. I am going to contact them. Also people have said call the Better Business Bureau . Yes. I will also contact them.
I think WE ALL SHOULD CONTACT ALL OF THESE ORGANIZATIONS. Including trying to get Steve Streits's information. Who can find this Steve Streit in Pasadena, Ca.
I live 2 hours from Pasadena. I'd love to show up on his door step and say... Can I please have my money?
THIS GREENDOT CARD is BOGUS. Something is really wrong with this place.
Also, I am going to contact Social Security which is a Federal Company of the U.S.A. and I will tell them not to recommend this Green Dot Card. Anyone out there contacting these corporations should also call the Federal Government about this Company. please. if you have not used your Green Dot Card. DON'T!!! Go to another source to put your money onto. Please. take my advise. I"ve been trying to reach someone who has authority to unblock my card 24/7 even keeping my phone on all night long in case a Supervisor EVER CALLS BACK!!

overpayment for pharmacy purchases!!!

My name is James Miraglia, and I am writting you for what I belive to be the Third time on thiue issue.
I went to My local pharmacy" Frederick Community Pharmacy " on August 30, 2019.
My purpose was to purchase refills for My Perscriptions.The pharmasist attempted to charge My card 2 times and it was thought to Not have gone through, so he made a 3rd attempt at thge main register and thgat did go through.
this Now meant I was charged 3 separate times for a single purchase.
The initial charge was for $132.66, I was overcharged $265.32.
I want the amount of $265.32 put back and credited back on my card As Soon As Possible.
The last 4 digits of My card are: 9307 and the last 4 digits of My Social Security Number are: 9101.
My address is 260 West 131st Street, Apt.8A, New York New York 10027.
My Phone Number is [protected].
I Called to File a Verbal Complaint and the Referance Number is: [protected].

The Pharmacies address is: 2450 Frederick Douglass Blvd., New York, New York 10027 and their phone number is [protected].

internet company

NAME: Genelle Ferguson, [protected], email - Genellek.[censored]
last four card-2135, amount that I am disputing $150.00 internet company.
They came in on the 23rd to install the internet how ever it would not work to many
trees blocking the satellite . I cancelled it on the same day the 23rd, they said it would be credit back to my card in 7 days it has been 9 days can you please contact them to reimbursed my money back to my card please if you have any question please feel free to contact me [protected]

my money green dot card

I have a money Green Dot card the representative put my birthday in wrong and so my money is stuck on my card because my card was stolen I can't replace my card because my birthday does not match the money is on the card is my rent I was wondering can they send me a check of my money instead of replacing the card. 807.00 is the amount, or get put out of my apartment.

my card is blocked

My card is blocked I sat on hold for 3.5 hours trying to talk to someone and it keeps hanging up please help
My number is([protected] i need my money I'm trying to get a car I'm tired of being on hold I really need my money my email is
[protected] if you could take some time out of your day to help I would be very appreciative hopefully before 5...


I had just received a trust fund and bank online nd didn't wanna carry around $1500 cash so went nd bought 3 MoneyPak cards $500 on each. I didn't know there was a daily limit of adding only $1000. I thought the cashier face me the wrong one so got home be entered all 3 MoneyPak cards to make sure the money was loaded in the card. I attempted this 2 or 3 time then it asks for verification of my ID. I spent a day nd a half trying to upload it but it wouldn't take it. I had talked to about 4 different employee's with no help from none of them. They'd disconnect the call or leave the online chat. Finally I got someone who helped me nd he said everything was good. I go to try nd it ask for verification of ID still, finally it uploads. I receive a email that my verify was not accepted nd I didn't know why, the pictures were great so I was told to do a refund request for the MoneyPak cards, I do that. I call about 4 days later to be told that my refund request was denied that I should of received a letter. Which I did that same day. They want front nd back of MoneyPak cards and ID nd a copy of the receipts to the review it to see if I can get a refund their saying activity is inconsistent nd that potentially inappropriate use of their product. They also stated for me not to purchase any of their products nor have a friend do it for me. First off don't assume nd ask first. Second, don't use your product, I don't want to after this mess but the first nd foremost... How the hell they gonna decide if I get my money back. I feel that they have targeted me nd a whole lot of other things. They didn't ask no questions or nothing just assumed. I live on SSI nd that was to pay some bills that I'm behind on. My electric has been cut off nd my furniture has been taken back due to this. I feel this wasn't handled properly nor professional and I know this because I am attending school for Business Management and this is not how you handle this matter. This is not right. That is my money, u took every step they asked for to be accused of something that is not even near what their trying to say, it's a way for them to keep my money. I want my money back. I paid for them with my trust fund.

  • Updated by RhondaC. · Aug 07, 2019

    I am taking this viral and going to the Better Business Bureau. You have slandered me GreenDot and keeping MY money from me. This will not be tolerated. I've read alot of reviews and complaints about y'all not giving people their money back and something needs to be done about it. The world is gonna know about you scammer's nd to assume shit about someone.

green dot moneypak

I purchased a moneypak to reload a prepaid card in the amount of $500. I've purchased several cards and never had an issue reloading the cards. This time I went online as always to reload the card and they asked for a copy of my ID for security purposes to complete the transaction. Well I uploaded it and still my money was not loaded to the card. I did a help form which stated someone would get back to me in one business day which never happened to this date. I need my money returned to me and not in 10 days but today. I've called customer service all they can tell me is that it's under investigation. I have sent copies of the moneypak and the receipt showing that I purchased the moneypak and the amount. I don't understand what the issue is. I need my money NOW.