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Green Dot / Where is my refund check

Peechis on May 23, 2017
I purchased several (8) Visa cards at local Walmart for week long trip. Tried to get gas at the same walmart for the cards were purchased at (after activating cards) ALL cards were declined... went back into the Walmart store was told there wasn't anything they could do about it. I called...

Green Dot Moneypak / moneypak

Moneypak Customer Service on May 19, 2017
Hello. We are sorry for the issues that our customers are having. Our website is currently experiencing technical difficulties. We are working diligently to resolve the matter. Please contact us directly at greendot.moneypak@tech-center.com so we may better assist you. Again, we are sorry...

Green Dot / green dot service is excellent. representative is questionable

Eli C on May 16, 2017
I love my Green Dot card but I cannot stand seeing the face of Steve Harvey as your representative! Unkind individual. Have you read the reviews on him? So what he has TV shows? He's a bafoon who degrades people disquised as humor. This individual should be researched thoroughly. You may...

Green Dot / walmart prepaid visa

Green dot sucks on May 9, 2017
Green dot is a terrible company that does not listen to their customers because they have no respect or appreciation for them. I had a Wal-Mart prepaid visa card for over 4 yrs and direct deposited my paychecks e/o week. I used the card for everything. I originally got it because of le...

Green Dot Prepaid Visa / unauthorized credit card charges

sean mathis on May 4, 2017
I put 150.00 on my card on the 2nd paved cable of 100.00 an now it is saying I have 3.00 dollars on my card where did the 50.00 go I did not make any other purchases an money was taken off I want my money returned I work hard for my money an would like it returned.This is the 2 and time...

Green Dot / my tax refund

Averyion on Apr 21, 2017
I was suppose to receive 1576, on my tax green dot card. I received $1160? Where's my money. I just talked to my tax preparer whole amount was $1978, I should've received $1576 on my card. Also signed up for direct deposit when he completed my taxes, I didn't receive the $25 for direct deposit of taxes.😠. I'm missing a whole $400@something dollars.

Green Dot / Greendot mastercard prepaid

mel37033 on Apr 19, 2017
I called to activate my greendot card with automated system. The system was slow or lagging during the call. It asked for a birthday my daughter entered hers not mine. The system stopped nothing was said to confirm the entered date. I called 8882808279 to give a address with the card...

Green Dot / prepaid card

Ajisode on Apr 16, 2017
Im making a complaint for a prepaid card i bought a few days ago. I mistakingly left my normal card home and purchased another to use lift rides. I completed all information but the card has a hold on it due to my name change over a year ago. The customer line said to submit my id to...

Green Dot / green dot visa

RaeAnnS on Apr 14, 2017
I bought a $50.00 Green Dot Visa debit card today (4.14.17) for a $51.00 at Dollar Tree. When I got it home, I noticed it said you had to register it, and it would deduct $9.95 before any other transaction. So, I decided I didn't want the card. Dollar Tree's receipt gave a number...

Green Dot / unauthorized credit card charges

roxanncruz on Apr 7, 2017
3-22-2017 filed claim #02944717 4-02-2017 filed claim #03105037 3-05-2017 filed claim #03180254 I called my card in stolen and my card was left open for another week. All the transactions done on my account were unauthorized. I filed a police report and filled out dispute forms for the...

Green Dot / my green dot card nascar

Dave West 2017 on Apr 3, 2017
I pur $30.00 on it and unable to use the card when you call can't get ahold of no one .then when I did get to talk the lady told me I could use my card in a store and when I did try it the card was decline. Well then I went to purchase. Another card I got a gold debit visa card $25.00and...

Green Dot / prepaid walmart visa card

Jack Lawson on Apr 2, 2017
Green dot cancled and closed my account without reason or warning. I had a ballance of 299 that I no longer has access to. This is theft. I use this card for my gas, food and phone service. I've had the card over three years and without reason or warning they block and ban me from their...

Green Dot / my remaining irs refund

Latoyabrown on Mar 30, 2017
I have been trying to log into my account several times for the last two wks and I have requested passwords back to back. I really need sum info on why havent I recieved my remaining balance on my card yet, its been over two wks since i recieved a text saying that my remaining IRS refund...

Green Dot / one time password

Michaela Jenkins on Mar 22, 2017
I've been trying to login to my account to get my statements because I think I was charged for something and all my money is missing! I can't login to my account because every time I do it says one time password used and won't let me login in! I need my statement because my card has been...

Green Dot / green dot walmart card

Ann Marie Reardon on Mar 18, 2017
I live in Richmond Va and was given a $40 Walmart gift card for Christmas by friends who reside in Charlottesville, VA. I registered the card per the instructions. When I tried to use it, $1 was deducted from the card and the card would not let me use the other $39. This happened on...

Green Dot / cash back rewards

Eleazar Sosa on Mar 18, 2017
My name is eleazar sosa. I have an existing cashback rewards card which I ordered online. I lost it. I tried to get a hold of customer service through online chat. And through several diffrent customer service numbers which were of no help. I wanted the funds from my greendot cashback...

Green Dot / green dot bank visa card

Dawn Brady on Mar 16, 2017
Lost my green dot bank card. When I call to use the customer service number it is not recognizing my birthdate or social security number. Because it is not recognizing me and I dont have the card number I can not speak to a person. I have money in this account that I cannot get to. I need...

Green Dot / walmart prepaid card

Dawn Yopp on Mar 13, 2017
I have a Walmart prepaid money card I went on the website and personalized my card. I had my taxes sent to the card on 02/22/2017. When I personalized my card they sent me a whole new account which I did not know. I contacted them because it would not let me access my funds. They told me...

Green Dot / your bank is committing fraud against me

lepgrrl on Mar 11, 2017
I need a US representative to call me immediately Today, 7:45 PM transactiondispute@greendotcorp.com I am absolutely furious at what happened with your bank today, and this is now the second time I have had a major money hold hostage issue. My card would not work last night, 3/10/17. I...

Green Dot / "valued customer card"

Annoyed Customerr on Mar 6, 2017
It is IMPOSSIBLE to speak to a human representative about and questions or issues. This itself shows the how little "value" they have for their customers. I have simple questions that cannot be answered by a stupid machine. I just want to know the original balance of the card without...

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