Marsha Desouza-Williamson / car issues

1 kingston, Jamaica

When I booked my car from the UK it was a kia, I rang them to ask about the car and was told the car are expected early December. I rang when I arrive in Jamaica to tell them I will not be able to come for the car until days later. When I got there I realised is not the car I was told and its about 8 years old. About 4 days having to car we have issues with the brake steering so they changed about 2 days later issues with the second causing me not to able to drive to place I was to go. On returning the car was told I have to give the operation manager a call, she did her investigation and told me because I took the car in late even though they know I have issues and could use the car there is nothing they can do. I didn't have a issue paying but expect something better as I have a 17 month kid and I wouldn't risk driving in a car that I feel wasnt safe.

Dec 31, 2014

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