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Complaining on poor customer service I received from this restaurant on: 03/07/2020 2:30am

All the female employees there are very rude and racists toward black men but...They are very professional acting when it come to the White Caucasian customers and Mexican...

poor quality review

I submitted an online order at 2:10 am said it would be ready at 2:35 am. Arrived at 2:25 am waited in drive thru till 2:43 am. Once I made it to window guy told me it would be a...

No Service

I was in there today at the counter. I was the only person. Two workers behind the counter. A few cars in the drive-thru. I waited at the counter about 3 minutes. No one ever...


Hi I went to White Castle in Cincinnati Ohio 45203. On West 8th Street. When I went in there were people waiting on food. It took a few before they could take my order. Then it...

Charged me way too much! Messed up my order

54426 I ordered a #9- 20 cheese burgers and 4 small fries for $19.99 plus a large Dr. Pepper for $2.19. When I asked about why it cost $29.61 they said it was because you have to order...

I am very displeased

Make a purchase on 02/26/20 asked for extra pickles... Only way I like to eat them. I brought 30 crave box not pickles & hard buns some... Too many young people working there...

customer service

At approximately 7:30 pm on Feb 12, 2020 this establishment had an employee that was running the cash register and was clearly a newer employee, that is not the issue. I...

wait time / product availability

L. Davis 1153 S. Emerald # 3 Chicago, Illinois 6028 January 29, 2020 To Whom It May Concern, This letter serves as an official complaint. I frequently visit the White Castle...

incorrect order

I went thru drivethru the sale number on receipt is
# [protected]
I ordered the #9
20 cheeseburgers 1 onion ring 3 Fries 1 fish nibbler
1 sloppy joe. 1 Soda. The Total was $35.99

I just got home I have 14 hamburgers with no cheese
My sloppy joe is not here or my fish nibblers. Then I ordered a Large Coke and they gave me Diet or Flat Coke.
There isn't a phone # on receipt to call.
Please call me Antonio Castillo 718.290.4408

incorrect order

white castle food cold

I arrived shortly after one other customer (and only one at the window). I ordered the same basic meal (#1) as the first guy. He then got his, and I waited. He came back and got...

my order was not made currently

54426 January 18, 2020 at 11:53 pm, I placed an order at White Castle for pack 8 . I asked for cheese on the entire order including fries, sliders and chicken rings. When I got home and...


This place needs help I've been a long time customer and it's worse than ever set in the drive threw for ever they we're having a party inside the crew was dancing and listening to loud music and playing on their cell phone and didn't wanna even wait on me gave me half my order and then i set their another 5 min into someone came to the window and asked what you want now and they were all just laughing like it was ok and they gave me another bag and after all that my order was still wrong and old cold food this place needs help Jan 17 2020 Shiloh Ill store number 110065 and my burger look like the we're stepping on them

white castle frozen sliders bought at stewart’s

54426 I bought a package of white castle cheese sliders at the Stewart's location when I cooked them and open them up I ate three of them and then I looked at the fourth right...

order incorrect

today I went to White Castle in Bellevillee Il I ordered 6 Cheeseburgers and told the gentleman at speaker I had survey for three free sliders. I also ordered 2 chicken sliders with BOGO coupon. I went thru drive-thru and when I got home I had 9 Cheeseburgers and only 1 Chicken slider. I was charged for 36 cheeseburgers andthen charged for 3 cheeseburgers. On the chicken I was charged and then deducted for $1.69 so I got the chicken for free and paid extra for the 3 cheeseburgers. I have comlpained before but have never gotten a replyy Gene Neighbors EMail [protected] Phone [protected] Thank YOU

case of 30 cheeseburger

Good morning my name is Alberto Santiago I went with my daughter and grand kids to white castle I bought a box of 30 cheese burger I told them 10 no onion and ketchup the rest...

ordering at the drive up

On Jan 9, 2020 we stopped at a white castle #010048. went thru the drive up since the dining room was closed. after we left, we saw that the items in the bag were not what we ordered. The only thing that was correct were 2 large cokes and 1 onion ring. originally here is what we ordered: 10 white castles with extra onions, sauce and pickles, and two small fries and the cokes and 1 onion ring. Here is what we got: 10 cheeseburgers with nothing extra on them, and 2 very large fries plus the 2 cokes and 1 onion ring. We thought our bill was rather high. Very disappointed in this place since we have been there before. I really want a refund since they made money on things we didn't order. thank you [protected]


54426 Ordered nearly twenty dollars in food at drive thru tonight. Got home and as we started eating, I saw what appeared to be legs of a bug on the end of one of the burgers. Thought...

manager named macy

Very rude no sense of how to be a functional manager I have interacted with her several times an every time she has been very rude she needs to be reevaluated as a manager bc she...

customer service and order at greenbrook today 1/1/20

Hi, On New Years day We went through the drive through to place our order. The server was very rude and on top of that we pulled off and noticed part of our order was missing...

30 crave cheeseburger pack and 6 double cheeseburgers

Well today was the 1st day of new year I wanted to go and drive from defiance ohio to ann arbor michigan to get some white castles three of us did hope in car n go about 8;15 it...

bad service white castle chevron on 15 vegas

Drive thru not open 3 in afternoon only 8 people in line over 30 mins to get my order taken 8 people in line 8 white castle assossiates working soda machine not working no sodas or drinks available took over 30 minutes to get my order no orginisation or sence of urgency with the staff working got my order 30 mins later fries bad oil needed to be changed first time at castle last time thanks terry kemp ps two associates wiping down clean tables should have been helping behind counter you guys need to go to in and out burger training who give excellent service and customer service

16 pack microwavable cheeseburger sliders

Two of the 16 packs had half a cheeseburger in two of the packs this is the second time this has happened and the first time I've ever made a complaint about it so I basically purchased a 15 pack of Sliders. I usually would not make a complaint but I depend on these for my son's lunch so I have sent him to school twice now with one and a half sliders. It just seems like maybe a machine must have forgot to put meat and the bottom half on a couple packs


I went thru the drive thru and got med number 2

The double cheeseburgers was hard in certain spots like it's been sitting there around edge was crisp and was not hot like warm wasnt hot fries was to done and pop was watered down.

Jennifer Menkhaus
1280 pebble brooke trail apt 2
Milford ohio 45150
Is my address
Ain't the first time I have had problems with with one.

service etc

I order a crave case for pick up at 4:30 today. When I got there to pickup doors were locked with no sign on door saying closed. People inside motioned to go thru drive thru so I...

frozen cheeseburger recall

I purchased whitecastle cheeseburger at grocery store Kroger's not knowing there was a recall I still have product I'm not sure why I didn't hear of this in store?...

double cheeseburger

54426 I had purchased a double cheeseburger meal and had Grubhub deliver. I was unable to eat the entire meal and refrigerated the left overs for the next days lunch, I reheated the...

sale # [protected]

First of all I would like to say the holiday coupons that you are issuing are not valid until January. This is very deceptive there are snowflakes all over the coupon so it makes you think it is some kind of a Christmas deal and then when you show up you are unable to use the coupon as they say they are not valid until 1 January once again very deceiving after being told I could not use the coupon today the gentleman that took my order tried to provide me with another coupon code and was very rude during the conversation as he mixed Up the order several times that I had asked for. I finally drove around the drive-through and went into the store and even then he got the order wrong I took my order and left. I am on happy and let all of my friends at work now and plan on spreading the word to stay away from the store once again very deceiving with your coupon scam I will share this on Facebook so the rest of the folks know Buyer beware. If you have valid coupons hand those out not ones that are going to be valid in three weeks.

sale # [protected]

  • De
    DerrickKZ Dec 05, 2019

    So you are whining about a coupon they provide for FREE, and it is only valid in January?
    What are you, 5 years old???
    They do not have to give you anything!!!
    They offer customers a discount in January, because they want to, and you cry about it?
    You should jump of a bridge you little cry baby

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customer service

54426 Very rude customer service, had to ask for my food after 20 minutes, when i went in there was no one in line, right after me 3 gentlemen came in placed large orders and got their...

overcharged for my order

I ordered from the drive through. They said they were only accepting cash. I ordered 2 breakfast sandwich sliders and a small hashbrown nibbler. When I got to the window I sat...

online ordering

I tried to order using the app and could not get it to work. I went into the restaurant and asked for assistance so I could use the $4.00 coupon. I was told they were too busy to...

crave case/cheeseburgers

I asked for a crave case, cheeseburgers, no pickles. Half of our sliders were cold, the other half had pickles! They had us pull up to the curb and wait a good 10 minutes. I wa...

over charge and wrong food given

Ordered 2 combos #2 with jalapeño cheese. When I checked my bag I was missing my fries I went inside to let the cashier aware and fries were given with out checking my receipt. When I got home I was given the wrong order. 4 single sliders with regular cheese and bacon. I was over charge and given the wrong order as well very upset because this is not the first time I've been missing food.

over charge and wrong food given
over charge and wrong food given

White Castle Store #030033 — customer service complaint

I pulled up to the pick up window realized I forgot a 5 pc cheese sticks asked to add it to my order. The cashier Jaylen acted annoyed and came back and said the manager Bobby...

double cheeseburger

We have two locations in Lexington Kentucky I live on the south side of town so off to go to that store off Reynolds Road the service there has never been that great I ordered two...

burgers and fries.

Purchased a No. 1 combo 10/19/19 at store #020065. The burgers were way overdone as they were semi hard and the onions were burnt. The fries had obviously been sitting a while as they were cold and tough. This is the second time this has happened to me. The first time i just let it go, but it seems that there is a problem with quality control at these stores.

employees don't listen

White castle employees have a very bad or nasty attitude and they don't listen to what you want. Waiting 15 to 20 minutes for what is ordered. I have lost all hope in services. Going to a different restaurant to spend my money. Whitecastle employees screaming at the drive thru when customers are ordering food. It has happened to me, I drove off and went somewhere else


54426 I purchased my items and paid for them. When I received my change one of the dollar bills had a huge hole in it and was very faded and discolored. Also it was stapled together...

customer service received from the manager

Let me start of by saying that I have been a White Castle patron for almost forty years, and have never experienced the treatment that I am about to write about. I placed an order...

my order

My customer number is 497 my kids with in the to store and place an order for 3 orders of cheesy sliders for 7.99 which they only received two of the orders. It was a lot of confusing going on in the restaurant so I don't know if that's how all of confusion with the order. I tried to called the store but no body answer the phone . We lived also 2 hours from the store this is unexpectedly because it's was for my children. I would loved someone to address this matter because I spent too much money for food not to receive it. If someone can called me regarding this matter at [protected].

Ms. Williams

incompetent service

I have ordered my final order from this place. They screw up my online order 3/3 times in the last month. Today I even asked them for marinara sauce for my chicken rings and they...