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White Castle reviews & complaints

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White Castle - Food

I placed an order of 4 bacon chicken cheddar sandwiches and a 9 piece chicken ring. I didn't check my bag until I got home. I went back to white castles because my order was wrong it was 4 wc burgers and the 9 piece chicken ring. I pulled up to the speaker to tell them that I got the wrong order she asked me was it Chicken sandwich's was my correct order, I told her yesterday only because I assumed that whoever got my order brought it back. She gave me the chicken sandwich's and I looked at my order before I drove off and she had gave me chicken ring sandwich's with cheese. I told her that was wrong and she gave me a bag of bacon. And told me that was the only thing that it was missing. I was livid at this point. I wanted my money back and they gave it to me. Totally unprofessional to continue to give me the wrong order and insulted me by basically telling me to make my own sandwich. I paid over $2 for each sandwich and it wasn't even the correct chicken that I paid for..

White Castle - Food/service

Tonight I sat in line for nearly one hour. There were only four cars ahead of me. Everytime a car got to the speaker they were asked to wait a very long time before ordering. When I finally got to...

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White Castle - Fries & hamburger buns

01/04/2022 #[protected] Employee ID# 1807 $15.01 Fries greasy and limp. Buns hard. We waited forever in drive thru with only one car in front of us? Why? Receipt barely legible & couldn't be attached...

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White Castle - Service and missing food

Shepherdsville KY location. Sunday 1/2/22. Ordered a large order online at approximately 3:30 to pick up at 4:40. Went in to pick up and wasn't greeted for several minutes while most of the women...

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White Castle - 1921 burgers


On 12/12/2021 at 3:42:07pm, customer #283, I purchased 4 of the 1921 burgers. I ate only one and got physically sick. My spouse after seeing me get sick, he would not even try one. I thought these burgers would be good however, they are absolutely horrible and were very overpriced. PLEASE leave the white castle burgers alone they are good. I would like a refund on these since I got so sick. Also, these need to be eliminated from your menu.

Thank you,
Ruby Wiggins

Desired outcome: refund

Dec 11, 2021

White Castle - terrible salty could not even eat them

Dec.10, 2021 sale #[protected], at ll:52pm.Tm#100 WhiteCastle #040025. 2 D CBR $3.82 10 SLICDER $8.00 TAX $.71 TOTAL $12.53 My purchase order. The hamburgers were so salty that we could not eat them. What happened? I always buy your hamburgers and this time I could not believe how bad they were tasting with all that horrible salt flavor. What did they do, drop the salt shaker opened and it all spilled out? Why were they not thrown away? But sold anyway to loyal customers. I am requesting a refund and maybe even double because I went out in middle of night to get my 85 year old mother these because she really likes White Castle and was so disappointed cause she could not eat them. So sad. Awaiting your reply as soon as possible.

Desired outcome: Refund and a coupons for many more hopefully not saltly. white castle #040025 Sale #129248707 phone #586/949/6290 tM#100

Dec 03, 2021

White Castle - Ice cold food

After working a full 10 hour shift with nothing to eat, I finally make it to the white castle located at 7400 dixie highway. I ordered 3 fish sliders and a 6 piece chicken ring and the entire order...

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White Castle - Their cold food they called fresh off the grill

We ordered 3 impossible burgers. They weren't hot at all I took them and told them they were cold they told me they where fresh off the grill they where absolutely not I told them they made 2 more they took time ran around and gave us 2 more cold burgers they claim to be fresh off the grill I asked why are they cold then touch them he claims they are not cold but fresh off the grill not only do they have a problem with the cleanliness of the store but the authenticity of what they are giving the public cold food is what's going on and the dirty place they are cooking it in

Desired outcome: I want something done hot food and cleanliness

White Castle - 4 breakfast sandwiches

I ordered 4 breakfast sandwich's with sausage. I mentioned sausage because I didn't want bacon. I checked my order (while I was driving) and discovered I didn't get 4 breakfast sandwich's, I got 4...

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White Castle - monday nov 22 white castle 4515 s robert

I went to use my white castle online app for the first time. it was giving me a free number 1 which i changed to cheeseburgers with a diet dr pepper.I then ordered 3 chicken breast sliders and 2 double cheeseburger sliders. i then drove to the window and was informed they couldn't find my free number one. i was advised there also was no such thing as a free meal for using the app. I gave her my phone which had an online gift card. She said the card wouldn't work. i had used it at that same store twice before. lack of training causes unhelpfulness. She wanted me to pay and i wasn't, so i drove off without my free food. Without my other food. I drove in from wisconsin. I had other things to do but i made a special trip to white castle. very very disapointed. you need to come up with a better solution for accepting online gift cards Its always difficult. plz give me my free number 1 back and provide me with compensation for inconvience. if there is a way to put online gift card money on the online app let me know. I Have been eating at white castle for over 50 years. thanks mike schuller

White Castle - Employee taking orders

Hi, I just left a White Castle location on Lincoln highway and Cicero in Matteson Illinois approximately at 9:50 pm and the young lady taking my order was extremely rude and inappropriate. From the second I began placing my order she was rude and very unprofessional. At 1st I was willing to give her a pass, assuming maybe she was having a bad night but she was so rude that I didn't even want my food anymore. That is completely unacceptable and no one should be spoken to or treated like that going to any business or establishment. As long as that employee is there, I will never want to eat White Castle again. For myself or my family.

Desired outcome: Something has to be done. I couldn’t even complete my order because of it.

White Castle - Harassment, verbal abuse

Due to being a ex employee for White Castle, I been treated with disrespect. On 11/11/2021 I had went to my old job to receive 2 free veterans meals. When I got home the food was very cold and cold...

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White Castle - Service and food.

I was inline for 45 min. 6 cars in front of me inline. When I get to the window I waited for five min to get my food you would think it would be ready when getting to the window after 45 min. I get my food and the fries were stone cold 1921 burger cold it did not melt the cheese. My three cheeseburgers were lukewarm. What do you do you can not take the food inside to have it replaced because the inside service is closed. I like your food but when it is cold it leaves a lot to be desired. I could see four people working inside. I no covid has made things crazy but really . Have a great day thank you.

Nov 09, 2021

White Castle - General management

GM at Cold Spring Ky needs seriously to be replaced! She constantly sleeps in parking lot in her car during her shift. While her husband sits in car her entire shift and he is a known sexual offender! Her words! He is creepy and makes people feel very uncomfortable! There are serious issues there with her! People quitting because of her! Please help that store! Speak w/employees! She just lost manager in training & another manager within same week because of her! Serious issues! She plays employees against each other. Losing good employees because of her! Please start investigating!

Desired outcome: New GM!

Oct 28, 2021

White Castle - Employees calling me

I was sent a email offering 20% off if my order was placed via mobile app. I ordered,
Then picked up my food. Arriving home I reviewed my receipt and I realized for the second time I didn't receive the discount offered. I emailed the customer experience website about the issue. I was contacted by a young lady offering me a
Free meal for my issue. I explained my issue was not with your location it was with the operation of the mobile app coupon offers. She tells me I will call you back after I speak with ny manager. Calls me back and treats me as if I didn't pay for my meal as if I was never in the restaurant, how see doesn't see my order or see me on her cameras. Insult to injury. She's now Interrogating me about the time date as well as my order details. All of this was included in my initial email that she claimed to have received. She claiming after I gave her all the information order number,
Time of Visit, food ordered, she doesn't see my order or me on her cameras. She asked can I call you back a third time after she spoke with a manager( AGAIN) I said no don't contact me again.
You called me to resolve a problem but now you have insulted me which creates a problem. I feel like I was treated as if I stole the food I paid for. I feel like I was called a liar.
White Castle 090039 ( East orange NJ) order number 21277.
Please train your employees to not treat your customers who have already paid for their food as if they stole it. I'll never return to this location again.

Desired outcome: Retraining

White Castle - Service

On the 3th of October in Detroit, Corktown at Michigan Avenue I ordered 4 sliders in total from one of your branch. 1x breakfast slider, 1x fish panco and 2x impossible slider because I am not eating meat. The staff was really rude and was not helpfull at all but besides that I recived 2x sliders with regular meat instead of impossible which I ordered. I realized that straight away and called about an hour later to the customer service to infrom them about situation and maybe get some kind of compensation. It's been almost a week and I called there 3 times in total and they are not doing anything about that.
I was sick because of those burgers for a few days because I can't eat meat.
Here is my contact number to resolve the case or either way I need to contact a lawyer to help with my compensation about your poor service

White Castle - Service

On October 4, 2021, after picking my cousin up at the airport he wanted to go to White Castle for lunch as they do not have them in Florida where he lives. He had flown in for a funeral and was staying with me.

I went to the White Castle at 2350 Greene Way, Louisville, KY. We arrived at approximately 1:15 and got in the drive thru line as you could not go into the restaurant. There were about 8 cars in front of us. We waited about 15 minutes and finally were at the speaker to order. We sat waiting for about 10 minutes. There were about a dozen cars behind us waiting as well. Two of the drivers in the cars behind us threw their hands in the air. I leaned out my window and said, "no one has taken my order yet." A woman came on the speaker and said, "I've got one person cooking in here, if you think you can do better you get in here and work." I was absolutely stunned and said, "pardon me." She said, "I told you if you think you can do it better get in here."

I was truly appalled and said, "I don't think that will be happening. " My cousin said, "get out of here."

On Tuesday afternoon, October 5, I called the customer service number on the website and talked to a lady who took all of my information.
I asked her for follow up and she said I would receive a call in a day or two. I have not received a call so am following up with a written complaint. As I explained to the woman I talked to I am very used to having to wait in line as most fast food restaurants in Louisville are only drive thru given Covid.

I have gone to this White Castle on multiple occasions and have NEVER encountered any problems. I truly am appalled at this individual's conduct and will not be going to this location again even though it is close to my home. I was also embarrassed given my cousin had to witness such behavior.

There was absolutely no excuse for such rude, unprofessional behavior. Being a retired nurse I truly appreciate the stress that so many individuals are experiencing given Covid and make every effort to be polite and courteous to those in the service industry. I certainly don't want anyone to lose their job but this individual has blemished your restaurant.

The following day I took my cousin to another White Castle (Hikes Lane) and you could go in and order. The service was excellent.

Thank you
Sandy Johanson
3903 Greenhurst Drive
Louisville KY 40299

Desired outcome: Would appreciate follow up

White Castle - incorrect items

My son and I ordered 3 double cheeseburgers, 1 order of fries, and a 5 piece cheese stick at store # 110020, sale # [protected] on September 29, 2021 at approximately 10:27pm. Our order contained fries, cheese sticks, and 2 burgers with lettuce and tomatoes. The order taker was rude (which we've learned to live with), but the incorrect order was unacceptable. Please respond.

Pam Delaney

Desired outcome: Food replacement and removal of horrible food selections that confuse your staff.

White Castle - Store either drive thru only or credit card machines dont work

White castle London Ky 9/23/21 drive thru open only. Last time a few months ago it was cash only.
I don't get to London Kentucky often but when I do I'm in a tractor trailer there's a tractor trailer there is tractor trailer parking right next to White Castle and I can't take the truck to the drive-through and they won't take walk UPS.. So I'm clocked out on lunch and it's locked out on lunch and have to sit and wait for my 30 minute lunch break to be over before I can leave the parking lot to go somewhere else to try to get something to eat. I'm looking to spend my money at White Castle when I'm in the area and every time I come up to London Kentucky lately and go to the square castle I can't get no goddamn food

White Castle - Customer service

I waited over 30 mins in the drive through for me to get to the pay/pick up window. As the guy at the window tells me a total of 37 something. Which i was wondering why it was so high when i ordered a clutch case and a few extras. I then told the manager the correct order and instead of correcting it he replies with a snid smart mouth comment and every employee laughs as if it was a show of some sort. Then to top it off they forgot my one of my loaded fries and my sauce for chicken rings

Desired outcome: Dispensary action and items i did not. Receive

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