Lz Boy Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OhioVERY POOR QUALITY

My elderly Mother has always bought LZ Boy in the past and has been very happy with it BUT this latest experience has been truly horrific...My Mom is only 4'10", and she wanted a new chair, it had to be a small one since she is so short. I took her to the closest LZ Boy store to us which is at Polaris Pkwy in Columbus Ohio. She ended up having to order a chair since it needed to be a small one. We were told it would be 6 weeks. This was in May. She picked her material and asked the salesperson for a swatch of it so she could get some pillows made, and was told that she would have the swatch in 2 weeks. SHE NEVER GOT THAT. Anyway, at the end of August, we called about the chair, since she had received no call. We found out her chair had been sitting in the warehouse for quite awhile. Nobody bothered to call and let her know that it was ready to be picked up. This is just the beginning of the story. So, we get it picked up bring it home, and she is elated with it. Within 2 weeks, ALL of the foam stuffing from the left arm totally fell off and it was a wood board there. NOT KIDDING. My mom is in her 80's and not a complainer at all. So, she did not call them. She paid almost $1, 000 for this chair. She is on social security and the payment for this chair is alot of her money. So, the next time I was in town and went to visit I noticed what was going on. I started checking the chair all over and we found threads hanging out above the head, the left arm had no stuffing there anymore, AND, the material had starting piling. (wearing down and getting balls all over). She had had the chair 3 months by this time. So, I called LZ Boy. They sent a person to the house who agreed that the material was not good at all. They took pictures of all the issues, and we waited to hear from LZ Boy. My mom decided she would like a chair with different material. To make this long story short, their customer service absolutely sucks!!! They will not allow her to exchange it. They are going to force her to keep it and let them come with a sweater shaver and shave the material, and fix the arm. DO NOT BUY LZ BOY!!! It is their policy to NOT give refunds or exchanges. You will be forced to keep it. I found out that they now get their material from China, and their quality is no longer what LZ Boy used to be. This family is no longer LZ Boy purchasers. BUYER BEWARE. If you would like to contact me and talk about this problem, please feel free. [protected]. I am happy to tell anyone about our horrible experience. Also, on a side note, There is absolutely no negotialting with their customer service. YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE FURNITURE!!! I am going to talk about this all over the internet.

Jan 14, 2015

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