Lisa Dymond Sunshinezzz / Sick cats & kittens

1 MA, United States

Lisa Dymond:
I hope you come across these complaint sites...You can say what you want and lie till you're blue in the face. However, all of your victims know the real you & the truth. You boast of your religious beliefs calling yourself a Christian...posting a Jesus bulb on the top of your website. Are we suppose to be impressed? Is the Jesus bulb there to lure unsuspecting innocent victims into your den of precious sick animals?? If so, it's worked to our detriment and that of these helpless kittens/cats. It goes well beyond my comprehension how a Christian can purposely breed sick animals, sell them at $800 each, allow them to be adopted and subject to a life of hell, blood works, tests, afflictions, and misery. Then, the unsuspecting (some of us even who are still grieving the loss of our old cats hoping to love another) have their hearts & souls ripped out when we watch the animals suffer...and die. How can you be so cruel? How do you sleep at night? How do you live with yourself? And you call yourself a "Christian"? God tells us to love our enemies...I'm sorry...the pain is too deep. You, Lisa Dymond, are the most evil human being I've ever known~

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