Lincare, Zanesville, Ohio / customer service, product substitution, and blatant changing of a doctor's prescription

1 Zanesville, OH, United States

After several months waiting for preapproval from my healthcare provider, and what I have confirmed as Lincare's misinterpretations of the Medicare regulations governing CPAP patient usage data, I finally got the approval I was awaiting. I was required to personally appear at the Lincare site, where I awaited someone to "deliver" my CPAP machine. Instead, I and another patient were ushered into a conference room where an employee proceeded to explain the proceedings. He was going to explain all about the new CPAP machine. First he told me that the CPAP machine I would receive today was "used". I was taken aback because I wasn't about to employ a "used" CPAP machine. I had no idea who had used it, or if the former user had some disorder or disease, or whether the proper cleaning and sterilization had been done, so I was a bit alarmed by that. He THEN proceeded to inform me that I had to use the "used" machine to verify my proper use and that I met the minimum usage levels required by Medicare. I've used my current CPAP machine for longer than 5 years, and have exceeded the minimum requirements each and ever time my doctor has read the data. I had to drive over an hour to get to Lincare, and he told me I'd have to return with the "used" CPAP and verify the usage data met minimum requirements to exchange the it for my new one. That's over two hours of drive time to get a "used" CPAP, and then another 2 hour drive to exchange it for the new one. Meanwhile, I'm paying rental on the NEW one. How dumb is that? The clincher was when he told me I would NOT be receiving the CPAP machine my doctor ordered by PRESCRIPTION! How can a DME presume to ignore a doctor's prescription and replace it with their own item? That was it for me! I cancelled the order and left. I won't even tell you about the bantering that was going on in the work area, where one would expect serious work should be done. And I won't mention the cavalier attitude the person who was supposed to be a "customer service" person didn't much care that he had just lost an order for an item that would cost my health insurance carrier somewhere around $800.00, NOT including all the accessories. I guess they make so much money, and the patients just accept the lack of REAL service, they believe they can just do that to anyone. This particular Lincare office is lacking any semblance of "service" from initial contact, through the period of processing a doctor's order, and through the delivery process. In all the 5 years I've had to deal with my previous provider I never had to suffer through such a difficult, inept, and poor service environment as with Lincare. From start to finish, my experience was a debacle, and I haven't even related the numerous times I had to request my doctor to send a new order because Lincare claimed they didn't received it, despite the fact that my doctor's office had a receipt acknowledgment from Lincare. Beware this company in Zanesville. Select them at your peril as far as customer service is concerned. They don't seem to know the definition of "service".

Oct 24, 2018

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