lavazzaNo answer to my email

I have sent this e mail 2 mounths ago to Lavazza but ı didnt get an answer yet.All ı want is an answer !

Dear Lavazza (Nadia),

My name is Kıvanç Karakoç .We have talked on the phone couple hours ago about my complaint.About 6 months ago ı applied for a Lavazza Best Coffee Shop franchise in Istanbul.They invited me for a meeting .I went to meeting 2 ladies (Rabia and Alev) showed me a presantation and tell me how things work.İn this meeting they told me that to be a candidate for a franchise owner ı have to pay 8.000 Euro(they told me if ı change my mind they will return half of it they also gave a paper that is written ).They also told me that ı can visit any Lavazza Best Coffee Shop franchise owner and ask them anything in my mind.But they also told me that ı have to make an appointment with them before ı visit.I wanted choose the ones near me but they found excuses that ı cant visit them and they manipulate me .So ı went to couple of them with appointment and directions of Lavazza employees.They seemed happy!We also went to couple of Lavazza Best Coffee Shop with Rabia and Alev. So ı paid them 8.000 Euro and signed a paper to be candidate.In this contract it says that after my payment director of board gets together and decides if ı can be a Lavazza Best Coffee Shop franchise owner.It also says that they do this in 3 days.In their website it also says that they need to inform me in 3 days verbly and written (by e mail ).which they didnt. During this time ı have visited a Lavazza Best Coffee Shop that Rabia and Alev said ı cant.Their excuse was it is in girls dorm and ı was not allowed to get in. Unfortunately ı believed them .When ı went there i saw that Coffee shop was right on the street and open to public.I was really shocked.So ı change my mind from being a partner to Lavazza Best Coffee Shop.Because they did not approve my application and they lied to me just like that .Would you be a partner with someone who lies you and does not keep the promises on time .So I asked my money back.They told me that lawyer and their finance department will contact with me in couple days.Nobody called me for about two weeks .I called the lawyer and he told me that he will call me .But he did not.I went to their office and talked to the lawyer he said there will be board of directors in a week after that they will tell me the result.Which every week he found different an excuse .This meeting took about three months .After three months the told me that they are going to pay me my money back.He said he will invite me next week and give me a check. Of course he didnt call me so ı called him.He said they are short of checks he will call me next week .And again he didnt call me . I called him this time he said person who signs the check is not in Istanbul ı will call you next week.He didnt call me .I called him finally he said next week thursday come to my office .I went there he gave me a cup of coffee and he said check needs double sign ı will call you next week.He didnt call me ı called him again he said they are wating checks from bank (this is not a joke ı can send you the whats up messages between us ) call me next week .I called him but he dint answer me .Finally i gave up and called their partners and told him the case .And ı asked him to give a final answer if they are going to pay me or not.He said he will call the lawyer.After that lawyer called me and told me that board of directors made another decision that they are not paying the money back.
Now ı am working for a company with salary and my salary is 800 Euro.I have worked all my life to save that money .It might seem a little money bt for me not ! I also trusted this company because there is name of Lavazza in front of it ! Please find a solution.I didnt not purchase anything from this company .Why would ı have to pay my one year earning to them.

I also have a question for you does your Turkey distrubutor(BEST ITHALAT AS) pay you anything for franchise.Because according to them they pay you some amount for franchise fee.Which is 50.000 +%VAT Euro for each branch.

I have wrote you this e mail because I believe that you are not part of this .Lavazza is and old and trustworthy company.I am sure that you will do something to change this stuation.

Thank You,



Feb 01, 2017

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