Isabell GearyI need to speak to top management or your legal dept concerning this very unfortunate and unacceptable issue.

Firstly, I am a client of Outsurance but none the less. Outsurance has all these irritating adverts on TV depicting you all so virtues and fair but in real life it is quite the opposite and I am going to expose the cruel reality about this company.
You are quite satisfied to take the monthly premiums from your clients but just like all other insurers in South Africa, when its pay-out time or when an accident happens, then there is drama and inquests and who knows what all.
If I can find a person of stature and in the high ranks within OUTSURANCE, then I would like to tell my story before I take any further action. I am sure your legal dept would love to run circles around me, but the truth has to be told.
Kind Regards.
Isabell Geary.

Nov 29, 2018

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