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H Nov 28, 2017

Dear Ms. Wilson,
I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out and thank you. Were it not for your assistance or lack thereof, I might have remained a Citi bank customer for another 15years. Sincerely the reprehensible, incompetent, treatment that I received from you and your staff associate Mr. Jonathan Wortman helped me make up my mind enough is enough. (Mr. Wortman, the bank officer with "the real cool dark sunglasses on, " and not a clue how to open a business account.) While you did apologize for not returning my calls and messages several days after the fact, with the explanation that you were busy "running between two banks", just seemed to lack a bit of honesty or sincerity for me. Kind of a subway sorry for stepping on my toe. Now I guess I fall into the category of people considered old school. So perhaps my thinking in this area is out dated and not applicable today. But one the first basic rules I learned in business was that you always return a phone message. It's just plain RUDE to do otherwise and there is really no acceptable excuse not to return a call. Also provide good service and your customers will keep coming back. Well we sure know now, that one must be old school because I'm not coming back.
I really have to mention one last issue that I hope may be helpful to you personally in the future. You and Mr. Wortman managed to take the process of opening (reopening) my business account to a whole new level of ineptitude. Two and a half hours of agonizing, inane, absurd, mindless questions to help you understand my business in order to complete your forms. And you still could not get it right. You managed somehow to explain to the bank the operations of my simple financial service company in such a way that the application was rejected. You seemed to be absorbed with the fact that my business must be illegal; akin to money laundering or at the very least conflicting or competing with Citi Bank's business mission. I love it, "Infinity competing with Citi Bank". Not exactly. You see I own a simple financial service consulting firm. I advise businesses on money issues and assist them with loan processing, using alternative, legal institution. i.e. On Deck Capital, Wells Fargo, World Business Lenders, etc. Next time I'd suggest you try and use a bit more of the "Kiss" methodology when opening an account. Learning how to operate your own computer system would probably also be helpful and speed up the process. Two and a half hours…unbelievable.
Now please don't fret I'll be ok. I walked down the street to one of your competitors and in about forty minutes opened all three accounts that I needed for business and personal use. Ironically, I'll even save a few dollars on bank fee and I'm not worried that my convenient neighborhood branch is going to close. Yes, you guys at Citi bank did that to me a couple of years ago and I stuck with you. Until now. Thanks again for pushing me in the right direction. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors which really should not be in banking or any form of customer relations. We used to refer to your situation as the "Peter Principal". But on the other hand that might "Old School. I wonder….
Harry P. Anderson
Harry Anderson
Infinity Service
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