Hardee's Restaurants Hardin MTthe workmanship and food service

Okay I am a resident of Hardin Montana I have lived here for quite a while and the only other restaurant that was here was McDonald's so we talked to city council and everything trying to get another restaurant in so as the years went by now Love's Truck Stop bills out here at I-90 and ads on a Hardee's well I like Hardee's sausage egg and cheese biscuits anyway but the problem is when they first open the doors they had management down there to learn the employees how to cook how to prepare the food it was great I love the food then as time went by corporate management left and then the managers and co-workers started putting out the food well I would go by and get a sausage egg and cheese biscuit and the biscuit was just terrible the biscuit was hard as a rock when you bit down on the biscuit it would actually hurt your mouth so I went back complaining about the biscuits were too hard they gave me another biscuit which wasn't any better but I took it anyway so I made a vow to myself that I would not go back well I like the sausage egg and cheese biscuit are too hard they try to cook them too fast so that they don't have anything to do and that is wrong I'm a cook myself I'm a single guy I learn how to cook long time ago and I can cook a biscuit better than that so then the other night I said well enough to hungry I'll swing by Hardee's and give me a double cheeseburger well got home got the double cheeseburger they won't know catch a boner that won't no mustard on it it with the bun had holes in it I mean it was not a good burger at all if this Hardee's is going to make it somebody has got to do something about the employees don't know how to fix the food please if you don't do something to this Hardee's in Hardin Montana people are going to quit going there for anything thank you for hearing my complaint

Jul 30, 2018

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