GSC Cinema One Utamamovie

Singled out during a movie, approached by 2 different men and finally got out of my seat to confront the cinema crew and ask what was really wrong. I showed my ticket. The cinema was less than 10 people. When confronted, none of the crew express themselves why they need me to stand on the dark alley with them while the movie was playing. So I don't see a problem. After that 2 other men came, so it became extremely ridiculous to not being able to go back and sit and enjoy my movie. So I left. The second men who approach me, didnt talk to me properly and was very rude that he told me to shut up when I look at him and say what is it that he want. I went out to talk to the steward, and his name is milton who was great with manners and very respectable. Called the Manager, and he said that he checked the CCTV and got this people to approach me, and after many rounds of heated discussion, he finally said that he is training the men to do customer service or they are newbies but seniors. When I reprimanded their behaviour towards me, the 4 men who was standing there, of course there has been a scene. I raised my voice to clearly speak my mind, difference between yelling and screaming, I Raised my voice in a controlled manner to educate and tell each of them perfectly how they have behaved towards me, middle of the movie, in the alley and whatever happen else. The Operation Manager might have tried to defend their actions by suddenly screaming at me he was standing just 2 feet away from me. When I was raising my voice, I was not even raising my voice at the Operation Manager, all the 4 men was standing more than 8 feet away from me, detached but watching the situation unfold. This is triangulation. Someone is just angry and using so much confusion to create so much chaos. I was being targeted for this person's anger that I believe to be the person watching the CCTV who got the goons/indian gangsters to approach me and find faults with me. I changed my seat in a hall that had many different seat, not far away only 1 row, to avoid sitting next to another man on same row, I have many times changes seat, but never to be told its a problem. When I confront them, they didn't say its a problem. I showed my ticket, there was no problem. So this suspicion and targeting and singling a woman out its very ridiculous. You need to investigate why I was singled out and why I was attacked, and why I had to endure few mins of total silence from 4 men in the dark alley beside the cinema, when I should have stayed in my seat, enjoying my day watching a movie without any interruption. I did not pose any threat sitting on that chair, I did not break any portion of the chair in front of me by leaning my feet towards it. Who is angry at me from watching the CCTV, or me walking into the HALL, some of your crew is told to target and isolate me. Someone in your Company is RESPONSIBLE and using your CUSTOMERS as a place to STROKE THEIR EGO FOR POWER. Sadly and unfortunately, they chose the wrong woman to single out and attack. You hired a sociopath who watches CCTV and attempt to feed their boredom. He took my photo when I took his photo. I deleted his photo. From my knowledge, the situation between myself and the man who was the Operation manager was resolved, but I do think there is much more to the surface. WHY DID YOU HIRE A SOCIOPATH!? He did not even have any compassion, he basically kept snickering, smiling, and smirking when he talks to me, and says that it is just his Character. LOOK. I live in the neighbourhood for so long, this is the first time its happening, its ridiculous, I will not let go of my favourite shopping mall's cinema just because GSC hired some goons to control single womans in a cinema. GET REAL. THERE IS SOME SERIOUS DISHONESTY ON YOUR BEHALF OF WHY I WAS TARGETED AND SINGLED OUT. YOU HIRED A CROOK, SOCIOPATH AND SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT BELONG TO BE A MANAGER THERE. I WANT ALL OF YOU TO TAKE NOTICE OF THIS AND START TAKING PROPER AND IMMEDIATE ACTION. REGARDS.

May 17, 2017

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