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1 1434 Sydney are, Campbellfield VIC 3061, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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On Wednesday 9th January at 12.45am I was treated disgracefully by your store manager named Josalyn.
After scanning $92 worth of clothes, I chose to pay using a $10 voucher and the rest in cash..
The machine rejected my voucher and a staff member said I had scanned a receipt, not a voucher and pressed something on the screen so I could pay another way..
I chose to pay cash, put my $2 coin in and two $50 notes. The machine didn't register any of the money I just put in..
The store manager was called, she told me she'd have to review the footage.. I waited, then they said they don't have access to the footage and told me I would have to come back the next day and to call a certain number to chase up my own money.
I explained that it was not possible for me to come back and I can't leave without my money..
After continually saying there was nothing she could do, my partner asked to call the head store manager..
By this stage I had an audience of the security, other staff and customers.. the store manager was completely agitated and treated me with total disrespect.
Eventually the manager shoved the $102 at me and announced in front of everyone to "please don't come back"..
I have shopped at Kmart all my life, I was humiliated and embarrassed, and then told not to return.. and by the way, it was a voucher, not a receipt that I scanned in the first place.


Jan 23, 2019

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