BudgetAir Complaints & Reviews

BudgetAir / They charged extra $20

May 8, 2017

BudgetAir is a cheater website, don't book with them! I made my booking and they charged more than I expected and agreed to pay! I contacted BudgetAir right away and told them that they charged extra $20 and they said they need proofs. I then called my bank and received a copy of my bank...

BudgetAir / I missed my flight and lost my money

Apr 19, 2017

My name was incorrect and that was their fault and they never fixed it! When I noticed that there was a mistake I contacted BudgetAir right away and asked them to fix everything, and they asked me to pay. That was the only way so I didn't argue and paid. Even thought they took my money...

BudgetAir / Beware of this fraudulent company!

Oct 6, 2016

I booked a flight via website and was charged twice for one and the same ticket. When I found out about that I immediately contacted BudgetAir and asked for a refund. The rep I spoke to did not understand English and it was absolutely impossible to communicate. I called...

BudgetAir / unauthorized charges, deceit and fraud

Apr 8, 2016

I am a senior citizen from Malaysia. on March I think 22nd we purchased two tickets from BudgetAir (the agent for China Eastern Airlines). my wife filled in the particulars in the booking form as usual . there was one column which was full name as in passport. If your name is John White... / They sent me wrong tickets and did nothing in order to help me

Nov 22, 2014

I booked tickets through the company It was real rip off, ‘coz they provided tickets for the wrong dates and I couldn’t fly on these dates. I called to the customer services and asked to help me. It was real scam. They promised to help, but they contacted me...