Broadhead Chevrolet / Would not honor sale price as advertised on their web site

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First of all I adore my new 2017 Chevrolet Cruz Hatchback RS. The trade value given for my 2002 Ford Escort of $250.00 was fair.

That being said, I drove the 50+ miles from Middleton to Brodhead (WI) to take advantage of the sale price advertised online. A friend even called ahead of time to check the price was accurate. To quote: “Internet Price $22, 623.” This is a quoted price with a $3, 587 savings from the Base MSRP according to the online advertisement. I printed off copy of the advertisement for my records.

The Motor Vehicle Purchase Contract the BASE MSRP is $26, 210.00. The PRICE OF THE VEHICLE is listed as $24, 331.99 on this contract and the Standard Vehicle Price on the car itself. The next price listed is the deduction for my trade-in: $250.00 credit. Total sales tax is $1, 324.51 with $99 non-taxable items purchased with the vehicle. What is this non-taxable item? This was NOT explained to me. I put down $4, 000.00 cash on the Cruz. Next you deduct $500 Bonus Cash Rebate, and Chevy DP Assist for $1, 000 reducing the total loan price on the Cruz to $20, 005.50.

You should have listed the Price of the Vehicle as $22, 623 as advertised in your online add, not $24, 331.99. When I questioned this with the salesman he said there was a “new girl” who posted the online ad incorrectly on a Friday, but that I'm getting the $1, 500.00 in incentives. A friend with me also questioned this and got the same reply. The salesman also denied knowledge of the Educator Discount that as an employee at UW-Madison I am eligible for. The 2017 Chevy Cruise Hatch I purchased is listed on the GM web site as an eligible automobile. It can be combined with other discounts. I should have received an extra discount of $883.00 for the Educator Discount Price.

When I check the State of Wisconsin Consumer Protection Fact Sheet on buying a car it clearly states: “Truthful advertising. Expect ads to say what they mean and mean what they say. An advertised price will include all charges you will pay to buy a car (except tax, title, and registration).”

There are many examples of Chevrolet Dealerships in Wisconsin who have listed their prices this way helping the customer clearly see what their price is and what incentives they are granted.

If I make a purchase in the grocery store and their cash register rings up a higher price they give me the product free or at least refund the balance due as advertised. I was told one price over the phone but the price changed once I arrived.

New employee mistake or not, in my opinion I was overcharged $2591.99 in discounts I was eligible for.

Because I am a member of Summit Credit Union I will be reporting this to them since Brodhead Chevrolet is listed as a recommended dealership to Summit Credit Union members. I will also be making a complaint with Wisconsin Consumer Protection Agency as well as this complaint online with GM.

Mar 27, 2017

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