Baba Baroh Mandir / The idol murti chor sahil sharma & bali ram sharma

1 Chattarpur, India

Baba Baroh is a tehsil in Kangra district, India known for a temple made of white marble to Radha Krishan and the Goddess Durga. This temple is famous for the largest amount of white marble used for any temple in Himachal Pradesh. Baba Baroh Mandir located 23 km from Kangra. In Baba Baroh Mandir there is an idol of Goddess Durga made of metal.It was built by Mr.Bali Ram Sharma who is the antique dealer and grandfather of Sahil Sharma.

Starting life of Bali Ram Sharma

The adventures of Bali Ram Sharma, who has a plush office-cum-shop in one of Delhi's classy residential areas could well be the plot for a box-office Hindi film. Starting life as a peon at the headquarters of the Archaeological Survey of India at Delhi, Sharma's aesthetic initiation came with his appointment as an assistant to a senior director with whom he went to most of the treasure houses in the land and overheard his way into the secrets of the antiques market. The Kangra Valley, home among others of Moghul miniatures, Sharma is supposed to have devoured in the first stage of his new career.

Actually, Bali Ram Sharma built Baba Baroh Mandir just only one purpose. He and his grandson Sahil Sharma Used the temple
to hide Handicraft, kangra art, antique and statues and smuggled in International Market.

It is not the myths. There are many prove and many articles published against Bali Ram Sharma

1) The art of stealing -

2) The Idol Thief -

When Bali Ram Sharma is blacklisted then Sahil Sharma Who is the grandson of Bali Ram Sharma assumes control over the business and now Shail Sharma took care of entire business. Like Kangra art, stachu, Painting, Handi craft, Antique Dealers. In any case, Both are a 100% Chor as Grandfather as Grandson.

Baba Baroh Mandir

Aug 28, 2016

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