Cascade Locks Portland Koa Eastsafe operation of sanitary site dump hose connection.

D Aug 16, 2018

Occupants on site 105 withlicence plate F JR5034 from Quebec had there dump hose stuffed down the specific hole with no connection. The specific fumes were escaping and made it disgusting to sit outside of our RV smelling the unpleasant odor. I spoke with the camp personnel on duty on Aug 16th 2018 at approx. 8:00pm. When nothing seemingly was being done to rectify the situation I spoke with the Male occupant of site 105 as he walked his dog. I respectively requested he purchase the proper equipment to secure his dump hose correctly which I confirmed was available in the camp store for $16, or at least pull the hose and cap the specific tank. He complied with my request by pulling the hose. When I went back to the office to let them know they didn't need to send anyone over to speak with site 105 I was told someone was sent over and did not smell the specific fumes and there was nothing they could do. I am only guessing that there are state regulations and KOA corporate rules that require the proper specific connections. I would not be submitting this complaint if I were not told there was nothing the office could do. Am I wrong or is that ridiculous?

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