Bad Boy (last And)overcharged

D Mar 06, 2018

I purchased an ottoman online to be picked up in the Whitby store. When I arrived to pick it up, the next day, the price was $40 less than what I paid. The store manager said I would need to call the online number to resolve this. He gave me his card and direct line and offered his assistance. He was very helpful. I called Cleo and explained the situation. The information was verified with the store manager. I was then told to email DaSilva. I did this and received a response via email. He stated that I will be given a store credit only. I explained that I paid with my debit card, they have my receipt and I would like my refund to be placed back on my debit card. Mike DaSiva answered and simply said no- that is what you were approved for. I do not want a store credit. I will not be purchasing anything there and I live in Cobourg which is an hour away. He does not have the right to decide to keep my money and make me spend it there. This is not ok.
My information can be verified by my phone number.
Darcy Reid
19 Orchard Ave.
Cobourg Ontario

This is not acceptable

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