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6:52 am EDT

All Custom Builders Inc Discrimination, threating, doesn't pay employees

I worked for Bryan Baltz at All Custom Builders in North Prarie, WI for 6 weeks. Every single day of that 6 weeks he would harass myself and another employee who also no longer works for him. He would threaten us that he wasn’t going to pay us and that it was “training” when he would get upset. He has an extremely bad temper.

I dont have a lot of experience in the cabinet making field but he said he was willing to teach me. The other employee he hired had several years experience in the field. He always said that we dont move fast enough and he’s constantly “babysitting” every employee he’s ever had. We both moved very quick and tried to make him happy but neither of us were good enough for him. He would say to come in at a certain time and then at the last minute call and say he was busy. I would wait around all day for him to start work. There has been several times that I try to call or text him wondering when we’re going to start work and he never calls me back until the next day. He is very unreliable.

If I was you, I would think twice before working for him or having him build you anything. He is too busy working on his own house to get the projects done at the shop. We were working on a bed frame that was promised to be done within two weeks. After two months its still sitting in the shop not finished. The customer said he no longer wanted it because it was taking to long and Bryan got mad. I believe his is Bi-polar. I regret ever working for him.

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Adam Wislon
Waukesha, US
Mar 09, 2015 4:16 pm EDT

Bryan the owner is the closet thing I have met to "multiple personality disorder" and I've known him for a LONG time. If you do a background check him he has a disorderly conduct under his belt as well as has a temporary restraining order almost filed by a gentleman but it was dropped, His business has been sued a LOT. I'm surprised he keeps his head a float. The most volatile temperament I have ever seen in a human being. I hate to badmouth the guy because I kind of feel sorry for him, but he's the type of you hear about just "exploding" and horrible things happening to other people. He's dangerous, no doubt about that. Crazy, absolutely. That's a BAD combination.

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