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H Jul 15, 2019

Good day.

Please be so kind and assist me with an issue we have regarding the service at centurion subaru; I have taken my subaru xv there for a service on 3 may 2019 it was then still under the maintenance as per attached job card we had an issue when we go over a certain speed and brake; its starts to shudder; we were told they had tested it and there is nothing wrong. Today I had to take it for it's yearly service - I told them again that the issue we had is still there with the brakes. Franco from subarau centurion called me today and advised me that they found the issue and it will cost be to get it fixed. I have explain to him that this issue was discussed last year when my subaru was still on it's maintenance plan and now that I have to pay for it, now you found the issue and want to bill me for it. If I were to be in a car accident with my little girl, who would there have to be blamed for this issue!!!??? I will not stand for this utter poor service. Clearly subaru centurion did not do their jobs properly and want to charge me now for the issues that they were supposed to check and fix. I will not stand for this and want this to be fixed on subaru's cost not mine. I will never recommend or take my car for a service to them ever again, nor will I buy another subaru in my life again if this is what subaru stands for. My next step is the ombudsman!! I have last years report where this issue was reported!!!

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    They fixed it without any cost

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