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I was phoned on 5 February 2008 by a lady named, Beth, from Astartrips in Florida.I was informed that I have won a holiday in Florida for 4 people. I was transferred to Kenneth (I don't believe any of these names are correct) and he explained the itenary. These people are absolutely professional and had all the correct answers to my questions. I was hesitant, but was still convinced of their authenticity. My contribution towards the trip was $998 and this was dedited to my credit card. I refused to give my CVC number, but the amount was still debited to my card. I subsequently sent them an e-mail and this was answered advising me to contact their offices telefonically. This made me very suspicious and I investigated the company. I discovered on the internet a report filed on them. I have not slept well after this. I have stopped my card since and filed a complaint. Hope I will get my money back.

Just for interest, the report on the net was dated 2005, how is it possible that these guys are still operating, they should have been caught long ago!!

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    Bartholomew Mar 05, 2008

    My name is Bartholomew and I am a employee at AstarTrips and we never advertise any part of your vacation as free look on our website on click on terms and conditions and you will see that we tell you this is a discounted promotion not a contest or lottery and that we would contact you by phone. On the phone we tell you that you qualified for a discounted vacation. We tell you the promotional price before you give us your cc information after you give us your cc info we again tell you that you will be charged that amount today and you agree or disagree where is the rip off you tell me. You recieve what you pay for a Florida vacation. We never tell you that it is free and we tell you on a recorded conversation that this is not a contest or a lottery that you did not win anything so please stop telling lies about my company I love my job and we make thousands of families happy each year.

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  • Si
    Simone Mar 06, 2008

    I was contacted by this company today. They asked for my credit card details and I told them I was hesitant in giving them out over the phone. I did not give them out but this company went as far as telling me the first digit of my card. I have since discovered that all visa cards start with this number. I smell scam. Im very angry about this as i could easily have been sucked in. I was told I had won a holiday and that I would only need to pay for airfares and meals. They then transferred me to a lady and she told me that I would have to pay $998 as they only pay for 3/4 of the holiday. Then they went on to tell me that catch was i would need to give them 90 minutes of my time when in the USA to look at a timeshare place. I also told them i dont have the funds avaiable and was told that I could pay the monthly installments till the $998 was paid off.

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  • De
    Dennis Veenstra Mar 13, 2008

    They are getting your information from websites where you filled out forms. We just got called twice. I managed to keep them talking for about half an hour. They called from the states to the netherlands. I hope it cost them alot of money.

    When near the end they kept asking me for my CC i told them i didnt have one. Creditcards are not that much used here. After that he got pissed off and hung up. A real company atleast shows empathy and wishes me a nice day. Even when I was a ###.

    The 2nd time I just rickrolled them.

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  • Si
    Simone Mar 21, 2008

    I have just received an email from Bartholomew. I am not happy. If this is not some stupid scam then please explain why when i told them i could not afford to pay the money they kept hounding me for my credit card details when I told them that I would not provide them with the card details they continued to tell me about the holiday and how much I am missing out on. Not everyone has that sort of money. When i told them that i would have to check with my partner about giving out my credit card details They started to get rather narky and angry so i said i was not interested to which the lady told me i was missing out on a great holiday and how disappointed my children would be. I in the end hung up...

    Bartholomew you need to speak to your consultants/employees. I was told I have WON a holiday this is what had me intrigues until they told me I would have to pay money. It was very decieving I was excited I thought I had WON the holiday then was told to take the holiday I needed to pay almost $1000 I dont have this sort of money. Not at all. I could only dream of such a holiday. I have struggled and to get someone excited like that is wrong on so many levels. I have never won anything I was rather excited.

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  • No
    Norm Holden Mar 25, 2008

    I also received a phone call on 26th March 2008 saying that I had applied for and had been accepted for a holiday for 4 people discounted by 85%. A lady called Sandra spoke to me but I put them off to give me time to check them out, they do have a web site but it it is not very specific. I think this is too risky to get involved with. The cost of flying from New Zealand to Orlando would be prohibitive anyway.
    This smells like a scam.

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  • Su
    Susanne utterberg Mar 28, 2008

    The sam happende to me tonight. They called me from Arstar trips and wanted my VISA number - they told me that thay where in contact with the VISA-office.
    They asked my for my expiring date on my VISa card and didn´t thought that should be any problem go give ths "travleller cordinator" just a date but then he told me the firts four numbers on my VISA -card!!!

    I sad Than you but no thank you! I did not beleive them at all.
    They told me: if you not exited - you´r not invited.

    How scared should I bee for them to empty my accont?

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  • Su
    Susanne utterberg Mar 28, 2008

    I must tell you all another thing about them..
    This competision is only held once a year!

    Look at all complanits and what date they have comed in...

    I´m from Sweden - so they called me all the way to scanidanvia.


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  • Ro
    Robert Thomson Apr 04, 2008

    I clicked on a website regarding plazma TV reports and it came up that I was the 1, 000, 000 visitor to this website and had won a free trip worth A$1650. Just fill in the details etc. I went part way but didn't complete the registation when it came up that the trip was to Orando. a cruise etc and I "bailed out of the site". Today I received a phone call regarding the trip and was finally told it was for 4 people and I just had to pay $990 US up front and they asked my credit card details. I refused to do the deal on the phone. They rang me back half an hour later to try again and I once again said "thanks but no thanks" I am in New Zealand and our costs would have far exceeded the cost of the "free trip" I was told the deal had to be done today and their office close in 20 minutes.

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  • Fr
    Frank William Pollock Apr 16, 2008

    I was rung this morning in New Zealand, when it came to the part where they said $998 US would be taken from my Visa today I baulked and asked for the whole thing to be cancelled. No way do I wish to pay all this money in advance. Whether its genuine or not. Unfortunately I have givem my Visa details thinking it was just for verification. Card will be cancelled as soos as Bank opens.

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  • Je
    jenni Jul 22, 2008

    I need to clear a few things up about:
    Astar (aka All Seasons Travel) 12421 N Florida Ave suite C-220, Tampa Fl 33612

    1st, every person who is called by Astar, is done so because they have filled out a registration form on the internet, willingly giving up all their personal information such as: their first and last name, street address, e-mail address, phone numbers for their home, mobile, and work, their age bracket, income bracket, marital status AND their spouses name.

    2nd, for those of you who live in Canada and like to pretend you were called any later than 5:30p.m need to stop because the office shuts down at 5 and there isn’t a soul in the building after 5:30 not to mention we are in the same time zone, so good try I guess.

    3rd, every MasterCard made starts with a 5 and every visa starts with a 4, so stop acting like they’re trying to pull one over on you…it’s common sense not a parlor trick.

    4th, the reason why most people get hung up on, if they really do get hung up on seeing as international calls drop so fast they’re heads spin, is because at 5:30 after being there all day, and dealing with unappreciative, disrespectful ###s, they aren’t going to sit there and play “stump the telemarketer” all night. Cute as it is, they have better things to do.

    5th, anyone who claims their representative told them anything along the lines of: won a trip, airfare included, free, partial payments, cant cancel, already have your credit card number, etc… is gravely mistaken, there are strict rules delegating what reps can and can’t say while on the phone, not to mention the calls are recorded and all the big guys in the company listen to them and fire people accordingly to what’s being said on the line.

    6th, to everyone who thinks they are god’s gift to us and their complaints need to be dealt with before everyone else’s need to pull the stick out of their ###, smell it, and realize that their wrong, and their ### does stink, so the other 10, 000 people ahead of them in the proverbial customer service line…still get to go before them.

    7th, we deal with Visa and MasterCard on a daily basis, do you think if we weren’t a reputable company they would have anything to do with us?

    8th, look up Disney World on any of these sites and see how many people complain about them, they are “the happiest place on earth” and yet the handful of angry, bitter, pathetic, I-never-smile people out there have to have something to complain about. Boo-hoo for you ###.

    8th, anyone who is stupid enough to let their pre-teens and little kids surf the internet and fill out forms with their parents personal information on it need to be sterilized… you do realize there are child predators and porn and all sorts of trouble on the internet right.

    Now in closing I am going to tell you what the promotion is and how it works from beginning to end:
    First you fill out the registration form on the internet which is scattered around due to the likes of Google, and other engines. If you match our needed criteria (over the age of 21, not a full time student, and a member in good standing with either Visa or MasterCard) your form will be printed off into a lead (only a small percentage of families from the 50 countries dealt with will turn into leads, this is the luck of the draw). Then you will be called to make sure nothing has changed and you still qualify, NOT WON!! QUALIFY!!
    After answering the qualifying questions, your rep will go over your holiday with you, before doing that the first thing out of their mouth will be “You need to get yourselves to Florida anytime in the 18 months to take your holiday is that enough time” and as a rule they need an out loud YES to be able to continue, this is them politely telling you "get your own plane tickets people":

    For Canada and the UK: 6 days/5 nights in Orlando with 2 tickets to universal and 2 tickets to city walk, then 3 days/ 2 nights in ft Lauderdale by the beach, then 2 night cruise on regal empress to Bahamas, then stay in Bahamas, then bonus trip to Puerto villarta, Mexico. Cost to stay in Bahamas is 199 per person. Cost for entire 4 person trip= UK and Canada: $998 us dollars + airfare to get to US + $199 for Bahamas (optional)

    For everywhere else: 7 days/ 6 nights in Orlando same tickets, same everything else, except no bonus trip. Cost to stay in Bahamas is 249 per person Cost for entire 4 person trip=Everywhere else: $998 us dollars + airfare to get to US + $249 for Bahamas (optional)

    You are being offered a $5000 holiday for just a fraction of that price the company is kicking in 85% of the entire cost to get you to go on a tour of timeshares and tell your friends our big boat was pretty.
    Now you just have to sit through a time-share tour so later you can laugh and say...well those time shares were pretty but I'm not buying, thanks for the holiday though suckers.
    And they smile and say "you go tell your friends so we can keep spending money on people who won't buy anything", and... STOP LOOKING A GIFT HORSE IN THE MOUTH!!!

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  • Ma
    mamamel May 06, 2009

    I just have a small comment to the person above me, i actually am working with a third party through astar which is in Ontario Canada. We contact areas of Canada for this promotion, and i just wanted to thank you for representing so well. Everyone keeps saying on here how they dont understand how this company could be around for so long...uhh because its legitimate and even though there are 100's of people ### about it, there are 1000's sucking in the 'scaredy skeptic' feeling and actually taking the trip and LOVING every minute. I've been here at my job long enough to actually recieve this package at an even better discount (yay me) and have recently taken it. And just so you all know, its exactly what we tell you it is...actually better to tell you the truth.

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