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Mr. Lube Canada reviews & complaints

Mr. Lube Canada complaints 92

Jan 03, 2022

Mr. Lube Canada - Oil Change

I am taking Mr. Lube to court after they admitted to not putting oil back in my car during an oil change, resulting in my engine blowing with less than 50, 000 miles on it. My car is older but has been driven less than 2500 miles per year. The solution through their garage policy's insurance was to write off my entire car and give me $2000. for it. My car had been maintained sufficiently and had oil changes done before the oil was even dirty. It had years of life left in it and was worth more to me before they killed it.

The burden of dealing with a less than caring owner has added a great deal of stress and aggravation for my already suffering mental health, not to mention the out of pocket expense of having to purchase another car.

I will post the outcome of my court case soon.

Mr. Lube Canada - Mistaken drained transmission fluid with engine oil change - causing damage

- I drove my car to the nearest Mr. Lube location for a engine oil change. After the oil change the engine won't start, when they made it start again the engine viberate with blackdrive smoke...

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Dec 15, 2021

Mr. Lube Canada - Location would not allow me to provide my own fully synthetic oil!

Visited the 130th St location this morning and was advised that they would not be able to complete my oil change because they do not use customer supplied products. I wanted to use my supplied Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil which I explained to "Guy" the tech trying to assit. The only explanation for refusing customer supplied product is because it does not allow you 'Mr Lube" to mark up and profit from the Prem oil supplied by the customer.

I sold Mobil 1 Oil for over 20 years and have never been refused service of installing my own perm product. I only use Mobil Prem products in all my 5 vehicles and it is changed every 5000km max.

The lube business is very competitive and if this continues to be your policy, you will not get my business. The next move is yours...

Desired outcome: I want to be able to provide my own oil for my oil change in my vehicle!

Dec 05, 2021

Mr. Lube Canada - winter tire change over

went into mr. Lube on Dundas street in Whitby, ON to have my winter tires put on. They had put them on my rims. They proceeded to take all my all season off, and then told me that the tires were no good, and that they could dispose of them, and we could buy 4 new ones, for over 1, 000.00. We declined, and they put our all season back on, and said that they would only charge us for doing two tires. So they never inspected our winter tires before taking off my all season, charged us 85.00, and kept our winter tires. They also never put the proper air in our tires, they were all sitting different, 47, 31, 37, 40... terrible, terrible service, and charged unfairly... will not be doing business with them again!

Desired outcome: refund

Nov 25, 2021

Mr. Lube Canada - Changing over to winter tires

went into Mr. Lube on Dundas Street, Whitby to have my winter tires changed over. Our summer tires had to come off the rims to put our winter tires on. They proceeded to do this and when they had all...

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Mr. Lube Canada - Oil filter

I had my oil changed at Mr lube September 30 and today the oil filter fell off and all the oil came out all over a brand new driveway at a house I'm working at. My truck ran for 15 to 20 minutes with no oil in it. I command started my truck after work to let it warm up and as I was reversing out of the driveway I noticed a bunch of oil on the new driveway with my oil filter sitting there on the ground! Now the manager at the Winnipeg store on Nairn Ave saying that it's my fault more less ! I must have hit a rock or something he says lol . The filter must have not been properly tightened when they change the oil that's what happened in my opinion, I hope my engine isn't toast because of this! You can reach me at [protected] Mike Gosselin

Mr. Lube Canada - Winter tyre change

I changed winter tyres yesterday. The technician was did unnecessary overselling. He asked me to change wheelnuts. He said wheel all American wheel nuts need to change. He change 14 wheel nuts and charged $83.86. Without my concent he put wrong size nuts. He told me that later. Now my car have two size nuts. He made more complication. I bought back the original nuts. He gave me back only 13. I don't see any damages in the original nuts. I have lots of stress after this. I would like to replace my old nuts instead of wrong size nuts. I really appreciate you of help me to put original same size nuts. I am attaching the imvoice for referance.
With Thanks

Email - [protected]

Desired outcome: Need original same size nuts.

Mr. Lube Canada - Technician caught in lie

I wanted to give full context to my complaint on Google Reviews of the Mr. Lube + Tires at 2221 8th St East. I just got back late Friday night, as I have been away for the week on a business trip. I...

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Mr. Lube Canada - Misleading and up charging

I just want to put this out there.
It was my first visit to any Mr.Lube.
I went to an Oshawa location.
I was told I had no oil left in my car, which surprised me because I had just checked it less than a week ago. But I trusted this guy… and then he told me that because of the potential damage and probable sludge build up, I would need to have a flush, along with a fuel system flush, engine flush and he listed off a few other things.
After seeing that what he was saying I NEEDED would cost $500, I declined a few options but was convinced that I needed a few things that were urgent.
The oil change was $80, which is fine.
The fuel system cleaning was $129!
Engine flush $27.99
Friction Shield $39.99
Cabin Air Filter $81.99
He ‘gave me a deal' by taking off just over $30.
I went in for an oil change. Ended up costing just under $370. I left feeling so take advantage of.
If upselling is Mr.Lubes business model, they should be avoided. It's the grossest way to do business. So dishonest. I will, obviously, not be going back but I will also be letting people know that Mr.Lube is dishonest and aims to sell, not meet actual needs.
I'm not even super upset with the guy that did it… from my understanding, that's his job. Upsell.
So disappointing.
In the aftermath of this, I'm doing all this easy maintenance myself in the future.

Mr. Lube Canada - Brand new tire purchase

I purchased a set of Cooper tires for my 2004 Acura TL. About 3 months of having these tires the front passenger tire completely blew out and shredded and has no treading whatsoever which almost got me in an accident and the driver from passenger it's completely bald with no training at all. I got in touch with the manager at the Mr lube near my location and I advised them of the issue and let him know what's going on. Pretty much he told me if it's not a manufacturer's defect there was nothing they can do about my tires, and he also said pretty much is my fault that I must have done something to cause damage to the tires. The manager's name there was George he was very unprofessional and condescending and pretty much blaming me the customer for sabotaging a set of tires which I purchased for almost $700. And on top of that I took my car in for a whole tune up that same day they ended up taking my donut which they should never have because according to them my donut was bad so they decided to take it out of my car I asked for filter change oil change and for my car to be serviced fully I'm pretty sure they didn't change anything because the people who worked on my car did not even reset my car back to zero I had to take it back to them so they could reset it back to zero. So I'm wondering almost spent $800 just so nothing can be done to the car. This is very unprofessional and instead of George which is the manager at this location helping me the customer out any way he could for some reason he got in touch with the district manager right away for whatever reason that is I mean this should not be a big issue however there must be something wrong where you have to get in touch with the district manager over something as small as replacing tires and or doing the right thing so it's kind of odd to me why you would call the district manager over something that you can handle yourself. So as of right now I'm kind of on the fence with ever taking my car to Mr Lou again because I've heard other stories where people have taken their car in for something as small as a rattling noise under their car which is not even fixed just so they could bring their car back again it's almost like you just ripping people off pretty much they say they do something to the car they say the service the car but did you not service the car they just kind of pocket the money just so you can come back again with the same problem so we got to put an end to this. Hopefully this issue gets resolved or I don't have to take it to small claims court and or any other higher authority.

Desired outcome: I would like a refund and or new tires for my car

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Mr. Lube Canada - Manager at Milton location

My son started working at mr lube in milton Ontario and right away he came home about to cry because the manger Marcos started yelling and constantly swearing at my child for asking a question. This is super un professional and should face consequences for what he has done. My son greeted a customer and right away and the customer headed out and said they were going to complain to the head board and hope to get him fired. Please do something

Desired outcome: Permanent fired or suspension

Jul 19, 2021

Mr. Lube Canada - Damage to vehicle

Mr Lube NewMarket 16630 Yonge Street Newmarket, ON L3X 2N8 Store manager : Vineet Kamboj On June 28th, my wife took in our 2016 Jeep Cherokee for an oil change and was also sold a differential fluid...

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Mr. Lube Canada - oil change lost my oil

Good Morning

Just to let you know
Yesterday I got an issue with my car A major oil leak happen on the parking lot of my office,
I send the car to the dealer and he find the oil plug was almost gone (unscrew)
Here pictures and invoice from the dealer I am going to your location today on rue du marche to see how we handle this situation because
My oil change was done on April 09 by your team at Dollar des Ormaux 3 week Ago car was at 29384 kms when you done the oil change and he got only 30189km yesterday when this happen so only 805 Km done after the oil change.
I go to the Mlube store and he offer me only a credit of the amount of the invoice from Hyundai no towing no cab and nothing for the afternoon loss and no warranty at all for the possible futur issue cause by that loss of oil
I M not happy at all I refuse the credit because I got no intention to go back at Mlube

Mr. Lube Canada - Oil change and unsolicited work

My daughter went in for an oil change. The employee tried to tell her that she needed something else done to her vehicle. She insisted that she only wanted an oil change. When the work was done she was presented with a $150 bill with a charge for trans. Service she did not ask for or require. How sad that your employees would take advantage of a student like that! I did call but got absolutely nowhere with employee stating she had agreed to the work which is absolutely not true.

Desired outcome: Reimbursement for the unsolicited work


Mr. Lube Canada - Oil change.

Your employees are shady people, that's putting it nice. I took my hyundai santa fe sport 2014 in for an oil change. Then your employee says I need a cabin air filter their $25.00.!! How could he see...

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Aug 14, 2020
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Mr. Lube Canada - Again oil leakage after spending $1895

Dear Davin My Friend it gives me pain after spending a money for the Vehicle on Feb 27, 2020 — $ 209.99 and on June 01, 2020 — $1, 895.54. For just one simple reason I brought my Vehicle there must...

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Jul 13, 2020

Mr. Lube Canada - Oil change

I went for a regular oil change today at your Aurora Ontario location. When I pulled in they told me my oil change would be 103 dollars. I thought even that seemed a bit much but they told me my...

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Mr. Lube Canada - Fraudulent employees and business

Mr. Lube — oil change Went in to get a basic oil change and the guy told me I should get my differential fluid changed.I showed him my invoices from a Toyota dealership. He noted that the middle had...

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Apr 29, 2020

Mr. Lube Canada - Oil change and unnecessary services

I went for an oil change, I drive a 2018 Toyota Yaris, I maintain regular oil changes and I was told I need an engine flush (23000 km on car) and I agreed because I want to keep my car maintained for warranty purposes as well I had the cabin filter changed in September and even though they did not look at or mention it this time the put on my invoice that they looked at it and it was dirty and they advised me which is a blatant lie and on the sticker they gave me it says I am due for another oil change July 27. I called another mechanic this am and was told the engine flush was nothing but a money flush, I also had my engine filter changed again- this is the second time they changed it and now I am wondering if even that was necessary.

Dec 02, 2019

Mr. Lube Canada - mr. lube oil change

I went to Mr. Lube for an oil change and my car was damaged during the change. Three employees promised Mr. Lube would pay for the damage and referred me to a mechanic. When I got to the mechanic, he...

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