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J Nov 24, 2018

I had no addiction nor alcohol problem and was forced by Matthew E. Kehoe of RBC Wealth Management into 7 months of unneeded rehab services, in 2006, costing my trust up in the figure of 30, 000 to 40, 000 usd. That is 10, 000 for SCR. Plus a staged lock up at South Coast Medical (now Mission Hospital) at nearly 10, 000 for 2 weeks.

These rehabs were all used by an outside source that took control of my life, for an abusive program that has yet to end today. All the participants in this abuse at South Coast Recovery knew the source of this abuse had invasive surveillance on me 24 7. The abuses were directed from this outside source and were all geared at sexual humiliation. The intent of this 7 months of rehab was to condition me to sexually degrading themes, and was used to begin the process of pauperize, loosing nearly 40, 000 dollars from a trust in 7 months.

Staged settings in group meetings were used with pedophile innuendo, and people in the house I stayed in were directed to make sure I did not get good sleep before these morning meetings, so I would easily get anxiety or turn red.

Jay Cassidy a councilor for me, at the time, was perhaps handed money to convince me to go to South Coast Medical mental ward "just for one night". That turned into 2 weeks. My trustees paid that bill. I lost by design hundreds dollars of clothing and compact discs when I returned to the house.

The leadership participated in the abuse, and perhaps SCR got financial rewards.

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