personnal baggagelost baggage and pilfrage

It is submitted that I Kalim Jamshed travelled from Liberia to Karachi through connected flight via Ethiopians/ Emirates Airlines on Route Liberia-Addis Baba- Dubai- Karachi on 15/16 Feb 2010. At my departure I was carrying bag weighing about 12-13 kg which I was told by the airport authorities to deposit it in luggage I remove my laptop from the baggage and deposited the bag properly locked in luggage weighing around 8.5-9 kg. At each transit point before getting my boarding card I use to ask the airline authorities about my bag on which I was told it will automatically shifted in plane luggage and after getting there confirmation I use to go on board. On reaching the destination I found my luggage bag missing from luggage. At the same time I had to fly from Karachi to Peshawar since I was stuck up for my luggage my flight also got missed. I had to register the complaint regarding my missing baggage. Since I was travelling in emergency (Death of my father) after missing the flight due to procedures involved in missing baggage report and then searching my luggage I had to pay extra fine to the air for (Rs 1200+1400=2600) and travel to Rawalpindi instead of Peshawar as flight was missed for Peshawar.

on 18 feb 2010 I received a call from Karachi about my luggage that it has been found and will be despatched to Peshawar (65 km away from my home town Kohat). Meanwhile I used to contact the airline office in Peshawar ad Karachi at my own expense. All the expenditure is supposed incurred by the airline as baggage was not lost due my fault.

I received my bag rapped in polythene bag the and to my surprise the lock was not on the bag and the hocks where lock was placed were broken(Pictures of Bag attached with this mail). On checking my luggage in found some major / minor items missing from my bag which are as under:-

Items Cost

1. Cell Phone Nokia (N-95) 30000 (PRK) New

2. Digital Camera sanyo with charger (!0 Mega Pixel) 15000 (PRK) Used

These are few major items which were missing from my bag apart from these there were two minor items i.e 1 x headphone and 1 x charger were also missing from bag.

It is pertinent to mention I was travelling in extreme emergency got an emergency ticket costing me an amount of $ 1050.0. USD. Above in view I be compensated for the expenditure of my lost items and extra amount I paid in the process of baggage retrieval. Total cost I expended is:-

1. Phone cost 30000 (PRK)

2. Digital Camera cost 15000 (PRK)

3. Extra Fair Pair to Air Blue 2600 (PRK

4. Amount Spent on Collection of Baggage from home town 1500 (PRK)

(Taxi Charges for 65 Km +65 km)

Total Amount 49, 100(PRK)

My Details are:-

File Reference KHIEH25117 / 22FEB10/0828GMT

Title Name Jamshed / Kalim

Flight / Data ET928/15 feb/ET600/15 feb/EK600/16 feb


Colour /type Bk25xxx

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