Murphy Family Servicesnon professionalism and overcharge

Enclosed is a copy of the email sent to Sean Murphy.
He is not professional.
He gave an excuse for the time change that was false.
He hasn't had the decency to respond to my email.
Angie's list needs to look further into recommending this company.
We have been pleased with the companies we have used in the past.
We are certainly not pleased with the negligent/slipshod way
Sean handled our appointment on Friday September 27th.
We should be reimbursed for, at least, part of the exorbitant charge.
Have not experienced such non professionalism, especially for a business owner.
Please address this very important issue.

Neal & Irene Hart

-----original message-----
from: hartnhart2
to: seanmurphy15
sent: mon, sep 30, 2019 1:13 pm
subject: electrical friday september 27th.


We are very disappointed in the service or lack thereof that
you gave us.
We received three notifications of original date 9/27/19 and time-3:00 pm to 3:30pm.
The morning of the appointment we received an automated
message of time change--6:00pm to 6:30 pm.
No personal call/explanation and no way to respond.
When called you said another job took longer than expected.
We know that was not the case. You put another job in Washington DC before us.
Sammy arrived at 8:30 pm.
This time change was totally unacceptable.
We changed our whole day to accommodate your confirmed time.
So we waited all day for the very late arrival of Sammy.
He arrived around 8:30 pm and left around 9: 00 pm

Then we were charged an exorbitant rate. No break for all of the inconvenience.
Your extra charges were way out of line for how you handled our service.
No parts were used.

You request a one day cancellation but fail to give the same to your customers.
The least you could have done was honestly given the reason by a personal call
of the time change and a break in the cost due to the very late arrival of Sammy.

Sammy was more of a business personality than you were.

We have every intention of following up further with this negligent customer care.

Neal & Irene Hart

Oct 01, 2019

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