On October 15, 17, I purchased a ground beef package, dated 10/15/17, product #319670 from your Manalapan, NJ store. The beef, on the visible exterior had all the usual reddish color indicating to be fresh. To our surprise, upon opening the package, we notice that the interior part was dark, perhaps rotten. We promptly took photos and dispose of it.
We have been loyal Sams customers for almost two decades. We always trusted buying meat from your stores and frankly speaking, remind our friends many times that the best steaks, hamburgers etc are from Sams.
What happened?
My concern is that the way this ground beef was packaged, showing the best past on the outside and the rotten part on the inside. It is not possible that was it done accidentally.
I strongly suggest to urgently investigate this matter as it could have the potential to have some of your customer get sick, perhaps even with E. coli bacteria.
I am very upset with this finding. Not sure if I will ever buyer ground beef with Sams after having been a long time customer.
I know for a fact that your quality assurance is very aggressive, however, this is a very serious question to be addressed.
I expect an answer..
thank you in advance.
Robert Panza


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