Michael Sato Oshiroasking money

J Aug 06, 2018

I knew Michael Sato Oshiro from London thru facebook. He told me he will be travelling Cebu to meet me yesterday. His arrival in Cebu in this morning at 10:30am. I was surprised he called me that he has issues in the airport. I asked him what happening? He told me that somebody will call me and i have to answer the call. Then the lady called and she told me that Michael Sato Oshiro is having a trouble. He carries huge amount of money and has penalty/fine of $1, 500.00. And ask me if i have $1, 500USD and will be deposited to the bank. I told her i dont have enough money.

She texted me to deposit the money to IDAWATI IDRUS account jo. 761404325bank address: Taman Perdana, 2-c Jalan Lorong Cheng Perdana 75250 Malacca.

Sweft Code: CIBBMYKL. Beneficial address: Mutiara Jalan, CM3 Malaysia, Cheng Perdana, 75250 Malaysia.

Im wondering why will i deposit the money to IDAWATI? If Michael Sato Oshiro was locked-up then i have to coordinate with the police officers in Malaysia Airport authorities but to personal account?

Michael Sato Oshiro called me several times asked to deposit the money as soon as possible. I told him i dont have money coz we just came from Singapore for family vacation.

I asked Michael Oshiro to ask help from his campany (according to him he owns company in London). He asnwered me he can not because he did not told the company his travelling to meet me.

The more i suspious he is. Why he keeps on telling me to deposit the money as instructed by the lady.

I think they are scammers.

Please help me caught these scammers.


Susan Salonoy
Cebu, Philippines

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