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I Dec 03, 2018

On 11/14/18, I had taken my 2016 Ford Mustang to Koons Ford Collison Center at 6970 Security Boulevard in Baltimore, MD. I initially brought my vehicle in for service because I could not open the trunk of the car. Jeff Klass was the service representative that helped me upon my arrival at the Collision Center. Subsequently, Jeff took the vehicle to diagnose the problem. I waited approximately a half an hour until he came back and told me that he was not able to get into the trunk. He told me that he was not sure what the problem was and to come back the next day when he had more staff available. However, Jeff told me that the repair would start at a couple hundred dollars and up. I agreed to bring the vehicle back the next day and then I left.

Subsequent to leaving the Collison Center I arrived at my job and I noticed a dent on the top of the trunk which was not there prior to taking it to the Collison Center. I called the Collison Center and spoke with Jeff and I told him about the trunk. He said that the dent was on the vehicle prior to him working on it. I went back to the Collision center later that evening and spoke with his supervisor who said Jeff informed her that he had spoken to me about the situation. The supervisor insisted that I wrongfully accused the Collison Center of denting the vehicle. She said that there was a 4-way camera that Jeff observed with the car having a dent prior to him working on it. The supervisor said that she would review the 4-way camera and she would let me view it as well.

Unfortunately, I have yet to be contacted in reference to viewing the 4-way camera. I am disappointed because I initially went to Ford Collison Center in hopes of my trunk being fixed, but instead, I incurred greater problems in return. Customer service in return made me feel like I was dishonest, which I felt very offended by.

To resolve the problem, I would like Ford to compensate me for the damages done to the trunk of the vehicle.

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