Resolved Indah Utara Enterprise Sdn. Bhd.New Defective Car

I just bought a car Chery Tiggo 1.6M, received on 23th Jan 2010, from Indah Utara Enterprise Sdn.Bhd.(557802-H), no22, jln cempaka1/1, bdr amanjaya, 08000 sungai petani, kedah, tel:[protected], fax:4481112. The first minute when I got the car, the engine was running poorly.Obviously, the car had lost power for the pick-up from the first-gear to second-gear to third-gear and so on. After that, the sales person Mr. Selvam and his manager Mr. Toh admitted on this faulty, which the “EPC” light up on the dashboard. They had sent the car for repairing on the second day 24th Jan 2010. But, still car with the same problem, and they had asked me to drive the car to their service center in Padang Temusu, Sungai Petani, Kedah. After the technician checked, he said was the EPC problem (ECU), and the cartain part of the car needed to be changed. Again, the car was repaired for second time. Now, and the car still maintain with the problem. Mr. Toh said he feedback to Chery Alado center in KL, and action will be taken after Chinese New Year.

Questions :
What I suppose to have is a brand new ready car and NOT the repaired car.
Is the new car being checked by Puspakom/Internal Quality Controller before being registered in JPJ for the plate nombor ?
Why this kind of defect can be happened ?

I really disappointed and no confidence with Chery Product (car) and service, and I want a car refund from Chery Company, OK!

100% need a help/advice from anyone, pls!!

*besides, other defects : oil mark, seats loose, adjustable lamp, windows locks problem, front mirror scratched

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