Emmanuel Norwood’s Staycomplaint

M Oct 09, 2019


I arrived to check in under the name Emmanuel Norwood on September 17, 2019. My reservation was booked through Travel Lodge and Hope Atlanta. Upon my arrival I entered the room to find it hadn't been cleaned properly. I went to the front desk to ask of someone could clean it and an associate reassured me it would be done first thing the next morning. September 18, 2019 came and went and my room number 107 still hadn't been cleaned. I had to report to work so I decided to make another trip down to the front office and I asked for cleaning supplies and tools so I could take care of the situation myself.

Fast forward to October 2nd. I went to the Chris Brown concert and spent $321.00 on a pair of Versace sunglasses. By the time I got to the concert I realized my sunglasses had been broken. At first I thought the sales person neglected to see the damage to the sunglasses so I returned them to Macy's. After this I also began to notice small things like plastic utensils missing from the room. I found this very disappointing, disturbing and a disruption to my peace of mind and comfort in knowing I was in a safe environment. So I decided to check out of the hotel and find pace in a safer environment. The night before I checked out I packed all of my belongings in all of my suitcases and book bags. I strategically packed each individual item knowing exactly where every item was placed. By the time I got to my next destination I realize that I was missing a foot scrubber and my facial pads were missing. This foot scrubber was very valuable and personal to me and is very hard to be replaced. All of my hair product was poured into the dresser drawer of the hotel room. It was the middle drawer to be exact. And All of my oil shine was sprayed inside of my book bag which cost $98. I also have a envy blue and grey striped Aeropostale shirt with a white collar that was damaged under the left arm. Once I made it to my next destination I called the hotel front desk and I spoke with a gentleman. Again, I informed him of what had happened. He then told me he would take my phone number, name and he was going to read the codes on the door and follow up with me as soon as possible. I ended the conversation with thoughts of justice will be served. I'm so sad to say I have yet to speak with him nor anyone from the management or the hotel staff about this matter. It is October 9, 2019 and I have called the front desk three times yesterday and three times today. I left voice messages twice and still I have no response from anyone.

Again, this is a very disturbing and disappointing matter that I feel I should not have had to endure. No matter how big or small the items were that were taken or damage the fact of the matter is they were still my personal property. I chose to stay at the Extended Stay Hotel because it was what I was in need of at that time. I went there full of hope and joy in heart thinking that I would be safe in my things were not be tampered with. I also thought the door will not be open by anyone without exemplifying the perfect example of an employee. I'd like a refund for my personal property. I can show you evidence of the property that was damaged, such as my book bag and my shirt. My sunglasses have already been replaced and my foot scrubber is not in my possession because it was stolen from me by someone who had access to a key for room 107.

I would love to speak to someone in regards to this matter. The best way to reach me is by phone .I can be reached directly at [protected]. Or you can email [protected]

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