Danyelle Cummings and DJdo not rent to danyelle cummings and dj

R Jul 21, 2019

Do not rent to Danyelle Cummings and DJ, because DJ is a bad tenant at Kilbourn Commons located at 2835 West Kilbourn Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!!! DJ messed and tampered with tenants property, He put paper in the door jam so that strangers, bad people and homeless people can come in the building anytime!!! DJ puts his hands on his baby mama and You hear the glass break and other items break inside their apartment. DJ abuses his child (a baby girl) by whipping and beating her, because she used the bathroom on herself. Danyelle won't call the police and won't press charges on him.She continues to stay with him until Rosie GaLarza and Team Management evicted them by giving them a notice to move out, because tenants were complaining about DJ putting hands on Danyelle!!! DJ is a threat to the tenants at Kilbourn Commons!!! Stay away from them and Do not rent to them in the future!!!

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