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C Jul 09, 2019

First of all the item they "advertise" is "nothing" like the item they send. These "cellulite reducing" YOGA pants were supposed to have "honeycomb shaped rubber lining" that's supposed to massage your legs while exercising, "that IS NOT what they sent me." First of all the size I ordered was an XL but they don't even fit my 105 lb grandaughter!! They are a very thin piece of 95% POLYESTER 5% SPANDEX, and quite frankly the material is very thin and flimsy! They were something like 50 dollars or more on sale for $19.99. The picture and the details are what sold me but none of it is TRUE. Not only are they GARBAGE, I had to wait "over a MONTH" to get them, seemed they were "stuck in New York" @ customs the last 4 or 5 days! I'm not really complaining about the money because like they say: "You get what you pay for." I'm just pissed off because they are"SCAMMING ALL THEIR CUSTOMERS" into believing that you're getting "A DEAL" from China and any woman with cellulite (and there are a LOT of us) are falling for this "false advertisement" and it should be "against the law" that they continue to "get away with it!!!" This is NOT the first time I've been SCAMMED by CHINA! The website "WISH" has dupped me more than once but after the third time, I uninstalled their app and never bought from them again either! I'd like someone to look into this and do something about it, I cannot tell you how FUMED I am at myself for falling for another "CHINA DEAL!!" It's not a DEAL it's a RIPOFF!!!" Thank you for your time, I feel better just getting this OUT! Have a nice day!

pair of "cellulite reducing yoga pants"
pair of "cellulite reducing yoga pants"

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