SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Free Shipping .....NOT

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I ordered two dog jackets from Although the coats were available on several websites, I chose Doggy-gifts because of the "free shipping" option. Once the items arrived, I realized that they were too small and I wrote immediately to inquire about exchanging them for the next size up. I was told that I would now have to pay for the original shipping costs. This mailing charge is printed on their web site but as part of a return policy. Since I was exchanging, not returning merchandise, I did not anticipate that I would incur a fee. Furthermore. although both jackets had been shipped in one envelope with the postage of $5.15 clearly indicated on the envelope, DD wanted to charge me $6.95 PER JACKET to exchange. Even after I wrote requesting to be charged the amount they had actually paid to ship the merchandise, I received no reply. I decided to outright return the merchandise and ended up being charged $6.55 per jacket. In other words, I paid $13.08 for the "privilege" of doing business with Doggy-gifts. I then purchased the identical jackets on Amazon for substantially less (and with free shipping!)<br />
Free Shipping at DD only applies if you keep what you originally ordered. Buy somewhere else! There are too many companies with the same products who do not make you pay for the shipping if you decide to exchange/return your items. This is a ridiculous business model.

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