1 Elkhart, IN, United States

I signed up with this company after having tried another forwarding company. I ordered a few items and was informed when they arrived. The first problem I experience was when i wanted to return a parcel, they gave me such problem with splittin up the parcels, UPS came and went 3 times without getting my parcel back. The biggest problem about this company is that they rape you on the shipping charges. I paid $ 856 to ship an 18 lb parcel to Africa. When i asked them the claimed that Fedex charges by dimensional wieght - which is not the case as I have just shipped 18, 9 lbs parcel to the same place for $ 180 using Fedex through a more honest forwarding company. BEWARE Viaaddress lock you in, one they have all your stuff they make sure you have no way out. They refuse to send to any other address that you nominate, the reply to email after 3 days, they claim they will consolidate your boxes but they first bill you on the non-consolidate weight. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM EVER, unless you live in the US dont bother with this company

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