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Serenade at Riverpark Oxnard aka Riverstone Residential / Spawn of the Devil

1 748 Forest Park Blvd. Oxnard CA 93036Oxnard, CA, United States

Signed 1 year lease. Office staff was very nice upon signing lease. However, the nightmare began when I lost my job and gave notice of lease termination. I sent them notice I needed to terminate lease immediatly due to loss of job and would be moving out in the next few days. I called the leasing office and spoke with Velma Douglas and inquired about lease termination fee. Although she told me lease termination fee would be paid as last months rent and in fact she also graciously stated she would let me stay till the end of the month and I would not have to move out immediately and the lease termination fee would be paid as this last months rent so I stayed. I gave them a written notice and then 2 weeks into the month, and I contact the office inquiring about extending my stay for longer and I then put a check in the drop box for the rent that month. The General Manager said she never got it, they filed an unlawful detainer days later with a guy pounding on my door and demanding I pay an additional 800 in attorneys fees plus rent if I wanted to stay. That's strange, I gave her a check and she mailed it back so why is she asking for another check plus 800 more dollars. WTF? Crazy ### is all I have to say! But no it gets better! So I moved out immediatly. Went to the office to turn in my keys and mentioned to her I was appaulled at my experience with her. The next words out of her mouth were that she would call the police if I did not leave. I am not telling you what to do, but if you want to preserve any bit of your internal sanity and peace, then don't move here. The story continues...Several months later I get a bill in the mail for the sum of greater than two months rent which was last months rent, plus cleaning fees, minus deposit, plus a lease termination fee. That's strange, I was told I would only need to pay for 1 months rent which would be my lease termination fee. After 6 months of dealing with their parent company Riverstone Residential, in which someone named Shauna Johnson from their accounting department decided she was going to call and harrass me 30 times in a row because she wanted to tell me off after I hung up on her because repeatedly explained to her I did not owe that much. And then explained this to her boss, to another lady and then to a 3rd lady as well as several people at the apartment office in which I had even faxed and mailed to them copies of my notice of rental termination in which after they received the original copy it mysteriously disappeared from their files and then continued to harrass me. What a nightmare. Good luck. I have not heard anything from them in a month, but we will see what else I have to deal with! I will keep you posted!

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