SeaPointe Construction / unethical behaviour

1 Irvine, CA, United States

I had the misfortune of signing up with SeaPointe Construction to do an addition and remodel of my house in Anaheim, CA. As I look back, the first red flag is when I had asked twice before signing the contract, if a completion date or some kind of time frame for completion could be written in the contract. The sales rep refused both times, stating "they just don't do that". My project is a rather large project, with the total cost around $350K, so I had reason to be concerned that things would proceed in a timely manner. Several things went wrong, but I was never told what exactly happened until after the fact. The draftsman that drew up my plans was let go; I found this out just before my plans that were submitted to the City ran into problems; there were several errors in the plans; the plans were incomplete; measurements were either wrong or missing. I was not told this until after problems began to occur, my plans had to be resubmitted not only because of errors but because there was a load bearing beam that was erroneously thought to be a fake beam--which when discovered altered my plans, the cost, and delay in time to resubmit to the city for approval. It took 4 months for my plans to be approved the first time, then another couple of months for the re-submittal. In the meantime, SeaPointe did not hesitate to present invoices to me, as stated in their contract, to receive 10% upon permit submittal, 10% upon commencement of work, 10% upon delivery of framing lumber, 10% upon commencement of roof sheeting, etc. At first glance, this didn't seem like there was anything peculiar about this payment schedule, but what I got after paying all the designated 10% payments was just that-- permit was submitted, nothing is said about it being approved and properly completed, commencement of work--well, yeah technically it commenced--it commenced and basically stopped, delivery of framing lumber; there was a lot of lumber delivered, there just weren't any framers to show up and make use of the lumber; the lumber sat in my yard for months during this winter's torrential rainstorms. They presented me with an invoice of
$32, 981.20 in Sept. 2016, which I promptly paid for delivery of lumber, but my plans--hence permit--were not approved by the city until October 5, 2016. I was not aware my plans/permit were not approved; I was under the impression that things were moving along. Things were kept from me from finding out what was really going on and they still were for the whole time until I finally pulled the plug, with the aid of my attorney, to cancel the contract with Seapointe. During this winter's relentless rainstorms, their
subcontractor who was hired to do the framing literally removed the roof
from a section of my house in the midst of the rainstorms, allowing rain to pour in; which in turn caused hideous mold on every piece of existing
drywall in that section of my house--my objections and pleas to draw their attention to the damage just amounted to lip service--nothing was done to
remedy the situation. If you can believe this, my plans were still being worked on in April 2017, 7 months after the start of demo. The last thing that happened before I couldn't take it anymore was an incident in which I had chosen a roof shingle that I liked to replace the old roof. I had chosen this particular shingle way back at the start, and it was my second choice because they had told me my first choice wouldn't work for my roof. Their roofer, who is also a subcontractor, showed up and told memo to choose another shingle; he gave me 2 choices to choose from because the shingle I chose "won't work" with my roof--it was too thick, hard to cut, most people don't choose that shingle, blah blah, blah. By this time I was onto their game and could see that there had to be something else other than the story I was being fed. I spoke to the roofer's worker who put the black felt paper on my roof--he would be the one doing the installation and labor--did he have a problem with that shingle? He did not have any issues with it--in fact, he told me he had so much experience there was little he couldn't do. I spoke to another roofer who wasn't affiliated with Seapointe or the subcontractor; he did not any problems with that shingle either. The only thing I could think of then, was money. They didn't want to spend the money on the shingle I chose; trying to steer me to a less expensive shingle
by making straight up lies. There were other things, like a post that they
installed without my approval which severely changed the design of my
staircase and when I voiced my objections, agreed to remove it but charging me approx. $13K to remove it! Charging me to remove something
that I never wanted! There are other things that happened, and I am in the process of separating from this awful company with my attorney.

May 10, 2017

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