SDK Motors Pondicherry / Car Parts Stolen

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Dear Sir,

I met with an accident on Jan 15 2012 and gave my car for service at SDK Motors Pondicherry on Jan 19th 2012 on the advice of Sampath Kumar ( an ICICI Lombard Official ) . we used a car towing service to transport the car from B-Mutlur ( accident spot ) to SDK Motors service station. We found on arrival at SDK Motors, that they had stolen our switches in the dash board. They argued that the towing person stole it .

Now, the vehicle is due for delivery and they argue that the original audio system in the car was never there . We are sure about the audio system being there but we dont have any proof. Ganesan ( SDK Motors Person ) asked us to sign on a sheet of paper which contained a list of items in the car when we had given it for service. We trusted him and didnt check the items marked .

It was a clear cheating plan by SDK Motors and we fell for it ! The slot for audio system is now empty and they have stolen the part. Can we do anything about it ?

Hoping for justice ! People should be wary of SDK Motors who wait to cheat on people who undergo accidents and other turmoils.

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