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I have been taking HRT estalis continuous patches, I went to fill my prescription the other day and am unable to find the product anywhere (I drove to 6 pharmacies and called 3 to ask if they had my medicine available) and was advised every time by the pharmacists that this product is unavailable and they do not know when it will be supplied. This is unethical. I do not wish to commence another product and be forced into re- adjusting to a new medication. I contacted the Company directly to inquire when I will be able to get my medicine at my local pharmacist and they were unable to advise me ( I thought if its only a week or so - i can wait - I think) if it is longer i will have to go back to my GP and request a new product and then try it etc. This is very inconvenient and inconsiderate. I take this medicine for HRT and the symptoms are not nice, it is unethical to put women through this at a already challenging time. Now I am unsure if the reason they are not supplying it is the product unsafe? Very stressful to me the consumer who relies on medication to be stable and accessible as I need it. The company should be required to tell me when or if I will be able to purchase this again or why the inability to get this medication is occurring.

Feb 3, 2017

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