Rockwood / Pop up campers

After only 3 years of use, my Rockwood HW 296 started to leak. The canvas, though cared for, clean, waxed began to leak. As well, the refrigerator just stopped working. I am second owner and spent 10, 000 on this camper for mine and my families retirement after 24 years of military service. I had been away from family for over years total. This was my big purchase for a trip with my family out west. Guess who did not go out west? My family. I contacted Ray Brimmer, and Jacob carter from Rockwood and they told me it was my problem. Even though it was only 3 years old, the fact that I was not original owner voided warranty. TJ Snuggles who manufactures the canvas for Rockwood also would not do anything. The camper I just sold to buy this gem was 11 years old and did not leak ever, not even in a tropical storm in Destin, Florida, but my Rockwood High Wall 296 will soak through if you throw a cup of water on the canvas. Thanks for the great treatment Rockwood, mint is a pleasure serving money hungry, deceiving and miserable people such as yourselves. Do not buy a Rockwood. Trust me.

Mar 28, 2016

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