Robert Anguh Phungehunacceptable flight cancellation

A Nov 23, 2017

Please City bookers team.
Kindly reply me now or contact me( +[protected]). I need to know details of the flight you are telling me you are cancelling as I keep saying you should maintain it. I have replied to you already several times immediately saw such an unacceptable information from you.
I have two flights paid through your booking agency.
Please update me now, this is a sleepless night you want to give me.
I have two flights:
-the first one is coming from cameroon with booking number CB1020648, on Nov 27, 2017
-second one is going to cameroon from Dubai with booking number CB1041856 on Dec 03, 2017.

Please maintain these two flight as such because they both involve life time travel issues and that is why i paid them long ago so as to avoid pressure and high prices as well as ensuring that the seats should be available. I know many people book flights for December and that is why i did mine very early

Please please, citybookers team I believe your agency is strong enough and worldwide to know the value of life and flight booking in advance. Please do maintain my two flights and get to me on phone or reply my numerous emails sent already in response to your email.
My email ID is anguh.[protected]

I am expecting your call. My number is always available any time in 24hours, so when you say you tried calling me several times and could not get me, it does not sound professional from your end because even when I am calling now your are not picking and you will later write to me like last time telling me you had huge calls and could not answer my own call.

Please pick my call or call me now.

Thank you.

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