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I went to RemX staffing to try to find a job since it has been one of the hardest things. RemX is a staffing agency to assist with job finding. They call you and promise you a job through them only to put you through a long painful process of filling out hours of paperwork. Nancy Scruggs was the woman who claimed I had this job she called me for to then let me know I was rejected for the position. She then promised me a second role i just had to go i interview. Which as far as i know temp services just land you a job not go interview with the possibility of you getting rejected. It was a total waste of time she had me going to three interviews promising me the position with all of these companies rejecting me. I interview with CIS group where Nancy claimed she would be able to get me this job and how well she knew the person I'd interview with.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fort Worth, TX When i interviewed with Sharonda Washington she was rude unprofessional didnt even look professional and commented on the way i look examining my looks harder than my qualifications i wasnt suprised later to find she said i didn't qualify yet Nancy said I did. Then Nancy sent me to the same company to interview CIS group to interview with a Lindsay Kirchen who practically was rude didnt talk much and gave me complete opposite information about the job than Nancy gave. I rejected the job due to misinformation and when I explained to Nancy why she was quick to hang up. I heard nothing back from her for a while. I then get a call from someone else from RemX stating she will be taking care of me since Nancy moved her to me. It was as though Nancy just threw me on someone else because she was too incompetent to help me. This was the worst agency and I still have no job. There has been no calls of positions and it's as though they abandoned me. A staffing agencies job is to assist those without jobs and this company was HORRIBLE and UNPROFESSIONAL!

RemX Staffing

Nov 23, 2018

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