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I'm writing this about the idiotic and unprofessional Dr Wpkema. I was there close to midnight and brought my 5 month old baby for a nagging cough. I explained to her symptons related to colds and flu, loss of appetite and bronchitis. After getting fever results back from triage of less than 35 degrees and without checking her breathing or chest she immediately concluded that the baby needs to be admitted . She says she needed to do xraysand blood tests to check for sputum in the lungs. After this and not accepting she later told me i must continue with what I've been administering at home which is the nebuliser and cough syrup is fine. I walked out because I did not get any resolution from this self entitled so called highly educated doctor. She later told my husband that she cant and doesnt know what to do unless my daughter is hospitalized. She also charged me R700 on top of R1500 that the reception made me pay as an advanced payment. The next day I took my daughter to her paeditrician only paid 800 for consulation and prescribed medication. She is on monteair, nose drops and aspelone and doing great. What a completely clueless, mediocre doctor with a medical degree. She is young and I dont believe she has experience. I have a 4yr old now who has bronchitis and asthma and know enough when she needs admission or a simple visit to the doctor. It was my first time to Arwyp and definately my last. What an idiot!!!

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    Clueless Dr Wypkema, entitled in her opinions without listening to patients, no experience with babies and doesnt check vitals first to determine treatment. Patient treatment is appaling and then she charges for consulation after sending patients home without any treatment or prescribed medication and telling them whatthey are using at home is okay. She needs training at government hospital and doesnt belong in private hospitals . She has no right to mistreat patients whether or not they can afford admission to hospital even when admission is deemed absolutely unnecessary. The fact that I can pay an advance on consultation only or even withou medical aid she needed to give the same respect to all her patients. Very inhumane and very rude behaviour the kind I do not tolerate!!

Apr 30, 2017

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