North Country Ford / unnecessary repairs

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In May of 2010 my wife had a stalling problem with our 85, 000 mile 2004 F150 (that we bought with 7 miles on it) while visiting her parents, I called the nearest Dealer about 5 miles away arranged them to "check it out" and had the truck towed to them, I was informed the next day that it was the Fuel Pump and it was $700 to have them fix it, I was already upset about the $110 tow to make it 5 miles but it was there and they assured me that was the problem, Whatever, I know those pumps are expensive. Fast forward 2 days, I went to the dealer to pickup the truck and paid for the repairs BEFORE given back my keys, (NEVER do this, Always take a spare key and drive the vehicle BEFORE paying for Anything and use a personal Check from your bank, not a credit card) so now we are ready to leave with the truck and it starts up moves 6 inches and dies..We go back in they hook up a laptop to it and now say they *think* its a Fuel Pump Driver Module (FPDM), and IT wrecked the pump, another $100 part, well now I'm hoping this will fix it..And it does, so I go back and argue that likely my OLD pump was fine, they say it was bad, it didn't have fuel pressure, I reply neither did the NEW one, until you hooked up the laptop. (I tried to get the service mgr. to help me, he was to busy, if they would have at least taken the labor off the unneeded fuel pump I would not be writing this.) He states that 85K is "normal" for fuel pump issues, THEN he states the prior owner of the truck could have not completed maintenance like s/he should have and that ruined the pump, I LAUGHED and informed him I was the ONLY owner of that truck and I have ALL of the maint. records! And he JUST told me it was the FPDM that wrecked it? (If I wanted to play guessing games of what is wrong, I could have put on a trailer behind my other truck, stuck it in MY garage and start putting new parts in it.) So I go home 50 miles with a loaner, and wait for a call the next day, I get the call, I go to pickup the truck and pay the bill. (In the meantime I do a google search and find HUNDREDS of TSBs on this very problem) The dealer KNEW what the "problem was" So now I call and call, but because I paid the bill they no longer care, so I call Capital One, and try to fight the $800 B.S. repair, they have some ding-ding who cant understand English or "unnecessary repair" she calls me back and says I signed for it, she can't help me. I fought this for 2 years and lost, I checked with my local bank, if I would have used a personal check, I could have stopped payment and with the proof of the TSB's they would have ruled in my favor! Lesson Learned! Then they had the GUTS to call and ask me how I liked my service, I told the lady on the other end, "If the truck broke down in their parking lot, I would tow it to ANY other dealer, even if they were a 100 miles away! Her response was wow! Beware of NORTH COUNTRY FORD Crooks!

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