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I broke my leg on August 4th, 2013. Dr Dhupar of North Colorado Spine & Orthopedics performed surgery on the broken bones; adding internal plates and screws. I have insurance and it paid for most of the bill. On one of my last appointments with Dr Dhupar I was informed of a past due balance for services, which I paid immediately. My last appointment was several months ago and I was not aware of any other unpaid balance. I had paid the copays for follow up visits. I had an appointment scheduled
for September 4th, 2014 to arrange removal of the hardware in my leg. On September 2nd one of Dr Dhupar’s staff contacted me to cancel the appointment for September 3rd. My appointment was not scheduled for that day and after several minutes
of debate, the staff member discovered her error. She went on to inform me that I was no longer a patient of Dr Dhupar because of an unpaid balance that was sent to collections. She then referred me to billing. I called billing and was informed that there was a $69 unpaid balance that was sent to collections. I asked if I could pay the balance and keep my appointment. She said they had made several unsuccessful attempts to contact me and since it had gone to collections I was no longer a patient. They had no problem contacting me now, but could not in the past. These are also the people that weren’t really sure when my appointment was. I called back to the office with no results. Apparently because of a $69 charge that I was unaware of, I have to find a new doctor to finish what was started. I quickly did that. The new doctor’s staff was astounded by this treatment and assured me that it is not the normal standard of care for the industry. I acknowledge that Dr Dhupar is well within his rights to treat or not treat anyone. There is a lot of anxiety that goes along with a serious injury, surgery, and rehab. For Dr Dhupar and his staff to treat a patient like this over $69 is beyond despicable. There are a lot of orthopedic surgeons in the area. I suggest finding someone who cares about their patients.

Sep 02, 2014

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